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Leaking Basement Windows

The most common way your basement floods is through your windows. Learn more about why your windows leak and how you can prevent this issue.

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Water will find its way into your basement in any way it can. Even if you seal off your concrete walls and install a perimeter drain, leaks can still occur in a variety of ways.

One of the most common ways that water floods a basement is through your basement windows.

At Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists, we fix flooding basement windows every day. If you’d like a free wet basement repair quote, contact us today!

Why Do Windows Leak?

Basement windows are most often made out of steel or wood. As these materials age, they will begin to rust, corrode, and decay.

The windows begin to hang loosely in their frame, and the frame begins to hang loosely in its opening in your basement wall.

Fortunately, basement window leaks can be fixed quickly, easily, and permanently by draining any leaking water into your perimeter drainage system.

Basement Window Maintenance

Like most things in your home, your basement windows do better with a little maintenance. While your window will still probably leak at some point in the future however, here are a few things you can do to help keep water to a minimum:

  • Routinely clean out dirt, leaves, and other debris from your window wells.
  • Keep your gutters clean so runoff water does not pool around your windows.
  • Grade the soil around your home so it is sloped away from your windows — and the rest of your foundation.

Old basement window frames easily rust and rot. Combine them with corroded, debris-filled metal window wells, and you have a real eyesore!

To make matters worse, these window wells leak when filled with snow and rain during wet seasons. Replace your windows and install new covered window wells for a drier, happier home.

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