Why You Should Have A Dehumidifier in Your Home

Dry Pro discusses the reasons why you should have a dehumidifier installed in your home.


Since homes are not completely sealed from the outside environment, they allow humid air to sneak into your crawl space. This is where the humid air begins to condense and leave standing water before it works its way out of the home. This is also known as the “stack effect,” which will worsen as time goes on and create potential issues with mold and wood rot.

Since we can’t stop the stack effect all together we need to prevent the moisture brought in by the stack effect from causing damage to your home.

We can do this by installing a dehumidifier installed with a waterproofing system. So, what kind of dehumidifier is the best? Dry Pro’s commercial grade dehumidifier is specifically designed for crawlspace and basement applications. It is small and can fit in most compact crawlspaces, but is powerful enough to effectively dry even the largest of crawlspaces. It can remove up to 90 pints of moisture a day. Best of all, it drains itself and has a sensor that monitors the air, so that you and your family don’t have to.

If you’re interested in having a dehumidifier installed in your home, the experts at Dry Pro can provide a free estimate for our complete crawlspace encapsulation system with our commercial grade dehumidifier. Contact us here or call us at 1-704-253-4780 for a free estimate. We service the Rhodhiss, NC, area and the surrounding cities.

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