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Basement Waterproofing Causes

Expansive clay soil and bad water management can lead to trouble in your basement. Learn how, why, and what you can do to stop it. 


Damage in your basement like leaking, pooling water, wall cracks or bowing walls, and more, are all signs that your foundation is in trouble—but what causes it? It all comes down to a lack of waterproofing protection, and North Carolina’s yellow clay soil. Learn more about how these issues are at play in your home with Dry Pro. 

Common Causes of Basement Problems

diagram depicting hydrostatic pressure on basement wall

Hydrostatic Pressure

Yellow clay soil native to greater Hickory and Charlotte is known as an “expansive” soil—when it rains, the soil soaks up all the moisture and grows larger. This soil expansion applies pressure to the foundation walls in your basement, causing cracking, bowing, and eventually leakage. This phenomenon is called hydrostatic pressure.  

While it’s a completely natural process that seems unavoidable, there are things you can do to get ahead of it. Installing an interior drainage system and a high-quality sump pump with a backup battery can help ensure that water is being properly drained away from your basement walls. If you’re currently dealing with damage, structural repair in the form of specialized beams or wall anchors can restore your basement’s structure and continue to support it.  

Faulty Sump Pump in interior of basement

Sump Pump Failure

Having a sump pump can make all the difference for water maintenance in and around your basement. When a sump pump is low-quality or not properly maintained, that’s when you’ll run into issues. When a sump pump fails, your basement could be in major jeopardy. The worst part is you may not know that it’s clogged or failing until you need it most. At Dry Pro, our sump pump systems come with a battery backup option to save the day when your home really needs it.  

the stack effect

The Stack Effect

The widely known anecdote “warm air rises and cold air sinks” is especially true when it comes to airflow within the entire structure of your home. When your basement is dealing with leaking and excess humidity, that warm, potentially mold-filled air can rise into the rest of your home.  

That’s why you might be noticing nasty smells that you can’t pinpoint, and even higher energy bills due to the varying temperatures from your basement influencing the rest of your home.  

Don’t Let Nature Take Over Your Basement. Call Dry Pro for A Free Inspection! 

You take pride in every corner of your home, except your leaking, moldy, or musty basement. At Dry Pro, we’re here to be your partner in creating a water management system that will last. Our experts have basement diagnosis down to a science. We care about finding the cause of your damage so the solution actually works.  

Our trained basement professionals will complete a whole-home inspection for free, tell you what’s going on with your basement, and work with you to find the right plan of action based on your budget and needs. You’ll also receive a transparent quote for our high-quality solution, with no obligation to book with us.  

Setting up your free inspection with Dry Pro only takes five minutes. Get started today

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