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Annual Maintenance Service

Dry-Pro Systems provides annual maintenance service for some of the services in Greater Charlotte, North Carolina. Contact Us.


Keeping your crawl space and basement waterproofing system in proper working order is imperative to keeping your crawl space or basement dry – especially the pump!

Depending on which waterproofing system we installed, yours may contain many mechanical parts that we recommend servicing at least once a year. With the constant weather changes, your system is always hard at work and needs an occasional tune-up.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all perimeter drainage crawl space and basement waterproofing systems; in order to keep the system running for a lifetime, it requires some maintenance. Think of it as “an oil change for your car.” We check and test the entire system to get you ready for the next year.

Your annual maintenance will include:

  • Check Pump Operation – Float Switch, Intake, Check Valve, Impeller
  • Clean the Sump Liner of Sediment & Silt – Very Important
  • Change the Batteries in Your SafeDri Alarm (Needs to be done annually)
  • Check the Discharge Line and Potential for Freezing
  • Inspect for Signs of Problems and Suggest/Implement Solutions
  • When Applicable, the Basement Air System Service Consists of Replacing the Filter and Oiling the System

Protect your investment! You’ve spent your hard-earned cash to keep your crawl space or basement dry. Dry-Pro’s annual maintenance service doesn’t cost much, and it’s well worth it to find a problem before it finds you.

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