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Crawl Space & Foundation Repair in Hickory, NC

Protecting your home from the heavy clay soil and humid climate in Hickory, NC, can be difficult. As a result, structural repairs are often needed.

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Crawl Space Repair or Encapsulation and Basement Waterproofing in Hickory, NC

The heavy, clay and silt-based soil in Hickory, NC, can pose many different threats to a home. Dampness, flooding, and the overall humidity it may cause in a home can be considered catalyst issues that cause, lead to, or allow other, more subtle problems to arise. Mold formation and wood rot, for example, require dampness and humidity in order to take root and flourish. When they do, they can be dangerous to your home and health.

Because of this, waterproofing and encapsulation are common processes in Hickory and in North Carolina as a whole. That’s especially true in older homes that have outdated features like crawl space vents or exterior basement-access hatches composed of metal or wood. Of course, we understand that removing these features can be time-consuming and costly. That is why we at Dry Pro offer waterproofing solutions that can work with these features and still protect your home.

Waterproofing is a complex process that often requires a mix of preventive and proactive measures to ensure complete protection. To put it simply, you need measures that prevent water from getting into your Hickory home and systems that can remove it, in either liquid or gaseous form, when it does get in. For this, we generally use vapor barriers, insulation, drainage matting, sump pump systems, and dehumidifiers. For older homes with crawl spaces, this also can mean the installation of crawl space vent covers or doors.

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Foundation Repair in Hickory, NC

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Hickory, NC, is a wonderful place to live, but the clay-based soil and generally humid climate can present unique and challenging issues for your home. Most worrying is the possibility that the repeated swelling and shrinking of the expansive soil will cause movement and damage within your property’s foundation. This can happen either as a result of excessively high hydrostatic pressure or as a result of a lack of support caused by the receding of dehydrated soil.

Whatever the cause, foundation problems like settlement, subsidence, lateral movement, and fragmentation must be repaired quickly. If they are not, then the cost to your Hickory home will be great. Foundation problems are notorious for destabilizing the wider structure of a property and causing secondary or tertiary issues. Thankfully, there are many sophisticated foundation repair options on the market right now.

The team here at Dry Pro is one of the most renowned in Hickory. We have been repairing foundations since 1999, and we have many happy customers in the local community who can vouch for our skills. From foundation piers and slab piers to wall anchors and beams, we have solutions for all kinds of foundation damage and the other structural problems that foundation damage can cause. By dealing with all aspects of the damage to a property, we produce seamless, high-quality results on a consistent basis.

Concrete Lifting in Hickory, NC

The same issues that can cause a property’s foundation to move, sink, or fragment also can have an impact on the exterior concrete surfaces and structures around a Hickory property. If your home has a concrete driveway, exterior patio, or standalone structures like garages, then it is important to remember that they are just as vulnerable to soil based issues as your foundation. In fact, these surfaces and structures may be more vulnerable because of their exposed nature.

Sunken, shifting, or cracked concrete slabs and surfaces may not seem like a huge issue in the grand scheme of things, of course, but they actually can be dangerous! As well as presenting a serious tripping hazard to anyone in the vicinity, these kinds of issues in your driveway or exterior patios can be a warning sign of impending foundation problems. By investigating and rectifying these issues early you, in fact, could gain the chance to prevent foundation damage to your Hickory home in the first place.

Here at Dry Pro, we have a range of solutions on hand to help in the process of lifting, stabilizing, and repairing damaged concrete surfaces and slabs around your Hickory property. Unlike some other firms who still use older lifting methods like mudjacking, we favor the more up-to-date process of polyurethane foam injection. This has all of the benefits of mudjacking with none of the drawbacks. It can be considered one of the most effective concrete lifting and stabilizing methods on the market right now.

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About Waterproofing, Crawl Spaces & Foundation Repair in Hickory

If you have a sump pump system in your Hickory home, then it is important that you pay attention to the sounds that it makes. The noise can tell you a lot about how it is functioning and whether or not it’s healthy. Of course, there are different types of sump pump systems, and they can all differ in the level and type of noise that they produce as standard. Take the time to get used to a new system before you panic.

A rattling, grinding, or crunching sound, however, is something that you should be concerned about. These kinds of sounds tend to indicate that there is a blockage in your sump pump system. This could be a small piece of hard plastic, for example, which is messing with the mechanism or lodged in the pump. Alternatively, it could be a larger piece of debris that is causing a serious blockage.

Neither of these options is good, of course, but large blockages are the most likely to cause widespread issues for your sump pump system and your property as a whole. A serious blockage will cause your sump pit to drain very slowly and could result in flooding in your basement or crawl space. Likewise, larger blockages are more likely to cause your sump pump system as a whole to break down. Alternatively, if you have a pedestal sump pump, it could be rattling as a result of instability or damage to the pedestal itself. If this is the case, then the repairs will be fairly easy.

The rich clay soil that is found across North Carolina (and around Hickory in particular) is not bad soil. It is fertile, cohesive, and very good at retaining moisture. This makes it great for growing certain kinds of plants and foods and means that it is less vulnerable to soil washout and erosion. With that being said, clay-based soils do have their challenges. That’s especially true when it comes to building.

Because they are so changeable, and swell or shrink depending on their saturation levels, clay soils can be incredibly unstable. This presents issues for any structures that rely on them for support. The most common issues (which occur as a result of the movement from clay-based soil) are foundation settlement, subsidence, and fragmentation, as well as sinking concrete slabs and a unique process known as heaving. When this happens, the surface in question may bulge upwards and even start to crack or fragment.

There are many things that you can do to prevent damage to your home as a result of expansive, clay-based soils. Most of them come down to moisture management. Improving and maintaining your property’s drainage systems, for example, is absolutely crucial to preventing damage to a property built on expansive soils. Likewise, grading and planting your yard properly can prevent foundation saturation or excessive dehydration and will help to protect your home.

The process of bowing is a damaging one that presents a unique set of challenges to any Hickory homeowner looking to address the issue. Bowing walls are caused, to put it simply, by an excess of lateral pressure or by the uneven distribution of weight in a property’s structure. Concrete has fractional tensile strength in comparison to its compressive strength.

The usual cause of bowing walls in properties with basements is an excess of hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is simply the weight of the soil and the water that it contains combined. All properties are built to withstand this to a certain degree, of course, but there are many things that can cause hydrostatic pressure to rise beyond reasonable and tolerable levels for your home. Heavy rainfall, blocked drains, and localized flooding are just a few examples of issues that can lead to increased hydrostatic pressure and bowing walls.

There is also a chance that foundation damage is the underlying cause of bowing walls in your home. This can happen when the movement of a foundation removes support from a wall or places too much weight onto a wall. While your walls have impressive load-bearing capabilities, they cannot take more than they are designed to. If your foundation is sitting at an angle or the wall has already started to tilt, then they also may start to bow. Of course, if you notice the early signs of damage, you may be able to prevent walls from bowing visibly. Look for spreading or leaking cracks, increased humidity, and mold formation in your home.

Wall anchors are one of the most common and widely used solutions for bowing walls on the market right now. Unlike carbon fiber straps (which can reinforce walls but not straighten them) and wall beams (which can straighten walls but are bulky), wall anchors present a flexible and relatively easy to disguise method of reinforcement and straightening for leaning, bowing, or buckling walls in a Hickory property.

Wall anchors stabilize and straighten walls by applying equal but opposite pressure to a wall using metal plates, steel rods, and earth anchors. The earth anchors are what really make the straightening possible, as they are set firmly into the earth outside the wall in question and are used in the process of tightening the steel rods (which are connected to both the anchors and wall plates). When done gradually, over time, tightening the steel rods can apply enough pressure to slowly bring a wall back into its intended positioning. In fact, this is the same basic principle that wall beams use, too.

The installation process for wall anchors does require a certain amount of excavation (as well as a certain amount of outside space). As such, it is a serious undertaking that requires professional help and a certain amount of time to be successful. Once wall anchors have been installed, however, there is very little that you will need to do. In fact, there is really nothing that you, as a homeowner, will need to do except make sure that they are inspected regularly by a professional to determine when they need to be tightened.

Keeping on top of your costs when it comes to running a home, these days, can be incredibly tough. From water and insurance to your energy costs, many bills can start to rise over time, and they do so for a number of reasons. From increases in the cost per unit at the provider’s end, to issues in the internal workings of the property causing inefficiency, there are a number of reasons why your energy bills could be rising unexpectedly.

Of course, there are some very straightforward, foreseeable events that can cause your bills to rise. Being in your home more often, having more people in your home, and turning up your HVAC system as a result of seasonal changes are some of the more common and regular occurrences that impact energy bills. As such, you can anticipate and plan for these increases in your energy costs. The other causes of increased energy bills are less benign, however.

In a Hickory home, you should look for damage and deterioration in HVAC or plumbing appliances, as well as general humidity in the home as a whole. Humid air is far harder for your property’s HVAC system to process or heat and cool. This means that it must work harder to get the same result. This not only will cause increases in your energy bills, but also could lead to fluctuations in the internal temperature of your home as a whole. Damage and deterioration in your plumbing system and appliances, too, will lead to lowered efficiency and higher costs (as well as otherwise avoidable breakdowns.

The presence of a stubborn, musty smell in your Hickory home is a sign that something, somewhere, has gone wrong. Unfortunately, there are many possible causes of a musty smell in your home. Figuring out what exactly the underlying cause(s) are can be almost impossible for a non-professional. This is why we recommend that you always seek an expert’s advice if a thorough deep-clean and airing does not make the smell go away.

The most benign of the potential causes is the presence of standing water. Stagnant water can produce a distinctive and unpleasant smell that is nonetheless faint. As such, you will find that this kind of odor will be strongest where the problem is located and should not be an issue throughout the whole home. A more severe cause of a musty smell is the presence of some form of mold in your home. Mold has a uniquely dry and musty smell that often has a sweet edge and can cause symptoms similar to hay fever. If you find mold formations in your home, then please do not touch them. They could be toxic, especially if they are black in color.

Finally, there is a chance that the bad odor in your home is being caused by pest infestation of some kind. If pests are at work in your home, then the smells will be fairly distinctive. For example, if you have rodents in your home, the smell will likely have a twinge of ammonia (like urine). If you have cockroaches, however, then the smell will be vinegary and slightly more sharp than musty. Of course, if pests are to blame, there will be other signs of infestation like droppings, nest formations, bite marks, and carcasses.

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