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Basement Flooding

Flooding in your basement is a sign that your home is in dire need of basement waterproofing, which can protect your basement from floods that can cause even more issues.


You, like most homeowners, don’t want to discover water in your basement. By properly waterproofing your basement, Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists may help you avoid water damage. A waterproof basement will not only improve the conditions in your basement, but it will also prevent flooding and the destruction of objects stored there.

What Causes Flooding in Your Basement  

the clay bowl effect

The Clay Bowl Effect

To make a place for your basement and foundation, the contractors start by digging a hole in the ground. To accomplish this, the contractor will need to dig a hole somewhat larger than the space required by your residence. After the foundation is built, some of the excavated dirt is used to fill in the space around the outside of the foundation. This soil, called “backfill,” will be loose due to the excavation. This creates a kind of “clay bowl” around your house, which acts as an artificial water table. This leads to water seeping inside your home’s basement.

diagram depicting hydrostatic pressure on basement wall

Hydrostatic Pressure

Water is not light. The soil around your home’s foundation will expand as it absorbs moisture, and the weight of the water will press against your foundation. This is what we call hydrostatic pressure. Water will seek any opportunity to get into your basement as hydrostatic pressure increases against your foundation. Water can seep into the porous concrete through cracks in the walls or floors, voids around pipes, or even through the porous concrete itself. Water may pass through the block and begin to fill the open voids inside your walls if you have block walls.

Interior Wall Crack and Bowing Walls

Floor and Wall Cracks

In areas with periods of heavy rainfall – such as the Greater Charlotte area – floor and wall cracks can allow for water to seep into your basement. This water can build up into pools, where it will eventually flood the rest of your basement. This will lead to damaged belongings and wooden structures. This puts your basement, and the rest of your foundation, at risk of structural failure when the wooden structures are being worn down by water damage. If you notice standing water in the basement of your home, then you should look for any cracks on your walls or floors that may be the source.


If you have discovered that your basement has been flooded, the first thing you should do is contact a professional basement waterproofing company like Dry Pro. We have the tools and skills that are required to handle a basement that has been flooded, as well as prevent more flooding from happening in the future. Ignoring the problem can be catastrophic, leading to structural failure and putting your livelihood at risk. Any sign of any water in your basement should be cause for concern and should be remediated by a professional as soon as possible.  

Much of the soil in North Carolina is expansive soil, which means that it expands when wet and contracts when dry. So, if there’s been a lot of rain in the area where you live, the soil is probably saturated. When water seeps into the soil, it finds its way into your basement walls through cracks or cavities. The water then spills into the basement, drenching anything stored there and spreading out on the floor. This can lead to many more problems, such as mold growth, excess humidity, and even musty odors.  

Yes, waterproofing your basement is incredibly advantageous. Basement waterproofing protects any personal items you may have kept there, as well as ensures that wood rot and mold do not undermine your foundation. Because the health of your basement has an impact on the quality of your living environment, waterproofing is the best option if you have a damp basement. Spending the money now to waterproof your basement is the best alternative, since ignoring the problem will simply make it worse and cost you a lot more money in the long run. 

Call Us for A Free Inspection

At Dry Pro, we are accustomed to warm, humid summers and cold, wet winters. So, you can rest easy knowing that we are familiar with dealing with basement and foundation issues in Charlotte and Hickory area properties. Our professionals are also familiarized with the expansive clay and clay loam soil found in these regions, as well as how they impact your basement and home. If your basement is experiencing flooding or periods of flooding, then contact us immediately. We provide free, no-obligation inspections of your entire home’s foundation to ensure that the problem is with your foundation. 

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