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wet and leaking basement wall

Basement Waterproofing Problem Signs

Your basement could be crying out for help. Learn what to watch out for, and get a free inspection from Dry Pro. 

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You appreciate your North Carolina basement as a space for storage, laundry, or even lounging. But when you begin to see cracks in the walls, water leaking on the floor, and even mold, your once lived-in space becomes the room to avoid.  

You might be under the impression that these issues are just the norm for basements. While they are common, they shouldn’t be something that you live with. Learn more about the common basement waterproofing problem signs, what causes them, and how Dry Pro can help you with a free inspection.  

Common Basement Problem Signs

For some homeowners, a crack and a leak here and there may not seem like a big deal. We’re here to tell you that it is, and with one problem comes more. Here’s what our Dry Pro basement experts say you should look out for.  

cracking, bowing, leaking basement wall

Cracking, Bowing Walls

Expansive yellow clay soil surrounding your Charlotte or Hickory basement has a bigger impact than you might think. When clay soil is soaked with rain, it expands and inflicts loads of pressure sideways onto your basement walls. After enough time passes, it can even cause your walls to bow, crack, or—worst case scenario—buckle and collapse. If you notice your basement wall bowing inward or cracking either vertically or horizontally, contact a professional as soon as you can.  

moldy basement walls

Mold and Condensation

With poor or a lack of water management systems, your basement is susceptible to high levels of humidity. Little droplets of condensation on your window, piping, or ductwork indicate that your basement is so humid the air can’t hold it all in. Too much humidity in a dark, warm basement will eventually fester and lead to mold, mildew, and nasty pest infestations. Not to mention, airborne mold spores can cause allergies or asthma symptoms in your home to ramp up. A nasty, wet basement can have serious health implications. With a Dry Pro basement dehumidifier, you can regulate the humidity in your environment to avoid this nasty problem sign.  

wet and leaking basement wall

Leaks and Pooling Water

Leaks and pooling water are obvious signs that something’s gone wrong in your basement. Whether it’s a leaky water heater, a sewage leak, or a failing sump pump, small trickles can escalate quickly into floods. If you’re noticing even the slightest leak, be sure to call in a professional right away. With Dry Pro’s top-of-the-line sump pump and interior drainage systems, you can be two steps ahead of this damage. Our drainage systems work with the flow of water inside and outside of your basement to keep it a dry, safe place.  

Dry Pro is Your Go-To for Basement Waterproofing. Call For a Free Inspection!  

At Dry Pro, we have the experience and the longstanding local knowledge to face your basement issues head-on. With the highest quality materials and the experts to recommend and install, your basement and your home wellness are in good hands.  

Our trained professionals will inspect your home for any troubling problem signs, then let you know exactly what’s going wrong in your basement—and we’ll do it all for free. We’re proud to present you with a transparent quote for installation and repairs, with no obligation to service with us. Our goal is to empower you to do what’s right for your home.  

That’s why we make scheduling and receiving a free appointment so easy. Get started today in less than 5 minutes—and see the Dry Pro difference for yourself.  

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