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If you notice white powder coating surfaces in your basement, then it is cause for great concern. Efflorescence is a typical issue in basements. Do you know how to uncover efflorescence and how to resolve its underlying causes?


At Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists, we understand the causes behind efflorescence. Our team is also equipped with solutions that are made to prevent this powdery substance from forming on the surfaces, particularly the concrete of your basement. If you notice a white powder coating inside your basement walls and floor, contact a basement waterproofing professional.

What Causes Efflorescence 

the clay bowl effect

The Clay Bowl Effect

To make room for your basement and foundation, builders begin by excavating a hole. To achieve this, the contractor will need to excavate a hole that is somewhat larger than the space required by your home. After the foundation is constructed, some of the excavated soil is utilized to fill the space around the foundation’s perimeter. This loose earth, known as “backfill,” will result from the excavation. This builds a clay basin around your home that functions as an artificial water table. This can lead to water seeping into the basement of your home, where it will cause efflorescence to form.

Basement Cracks

Floor and wall cracks can allow water to seep into your basement in regions with heavy rainfall, such as the Greater Charlotte area. This water can accumulate in pools, flowing over your basement concrete, and leaving efflorescence to form. As a result, personal possessions and timber constructions will be harmed. When the wooden structures are worn down by water damage, this puts your basement – and the rest of your foundation – at risk of structural failure. If you discover standing water in your basement, look for any gaps in the walls or floors that could be the source.

wet, leaking basement wall

Leaking Walls

As water overwhelms the capacity of your concrete walls, it will begin to leak and trickle out. For efflorescence to form, it requires both salt and water. Water will act as a carrier for the salt in the concrete, carrying the salt with it as it seeps through the walls and floors of your home’s basement. The water will evaporate once it reaches the inside of your basement, leaving behind salt deposits, also known as efflorescence. The first step in preventing efflorescence from forming is by eliminating all sources of leaks inside your basement.  


Efflorescence is the dried-up salt deposits that are left behind in your basement from evaporated leakage. It is safe to have efflorescence in your basement. However, it is a red flag that you have a leak in your basement. If you notice a powdery substance on your concrete, then it is unlikely that it is mold, and more likely that it is efflorescence. Still, you should have a professional assess your basement for leaks and other types of water damage. Because, chances are if you’re seeing efflorescence, your basement is most likely suffering from a water problem. 

Efflorescence is not an issue in and of itself. While efflorescence can be an eyesore on your basement walls, it poses no health risk to you or your family. It doesn’t have an odor, and it isn’t a living thing like mold. Efflorescence, on the other hand, is a huge warning sign of a serious problem in your basement: water intrusion and leaks. A drainage system and sump pump can greatly help with managing basement water. A drainage system that collects water so it doesn’t build up in basement walls where it will leak and leave efflorescence is important. 

No, efflorescence does not vanish on its own. You must scrub it off your walls using a commercial or homemade efflorescence cleaning solution. And if the problem is not addressed at its source, it will continue to appear on the walls of your basement. Therefore, if you have efflorescence on surfaces in your basement, you must address the leak that is causing it. Therefore, your best bet at preventing the formation of these salt deposits is to contact a professional basement waterproofing service like Dry Pro. 

Call Us for A Free Inspection 

We are accustomed to sweltering, humid summers and chilly, damp winters at Dry Pro. Therefore, you can rest assured that we are skilled in addressing basement and foundation concerns in Charlotte and Hickory area homes. Additionally, our experts are acquainted with the expansive clay and clay loam soil found in these places and how they can affect your basement. Contact us if you notice powdery, white efflorescence on the concrete in your basement. If you’re noticing these salt deposits, then you have a water problem somewhere in your basement. We perform free, no-obligation inspections of your home’s whole foundation to confirm that the issue is with the foundation. 

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