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3 Easy Steps for Giving Your Basement A Facelift

Dry Pro shares 3 ways to give your basement a facelift without breaking the bank. Call Dry Pro for a free inspection of your basement or Crawl Space today.


Have you been wanting to spruce up your basement, but haven’t wanted to spend the extra money? After all, it is the holiday season, which is an expensive time of year. But, fear not! There are easy steps that you can take to give your basement that facelift you’ve been wanting without having to completely refinish it. 

WallSeal installed in basement

1)    Organize and Remove Any Clutter

It is very easy for your basement to turn into a storage locker; however, getting rid of any clutter and reorganizing can make a significant difference in the overall look and feel of your basement

Maybe even give away some of your items that you do not need any more to Goodwill or another local charity

2)    Improve Your Basement Walls

After you remove the clutter, take a closer look at your basement walls – are they damp? Or even moldy? If so, this can quickly spread and even damage your belongings

We suggest taking action to solve this by implementing a wall solution that will keep your basement dry and free of mold

3)    Choose A Theme and Stick to It

Another way to give your basement a facelift is to choose a theme for the room. This could be a gym, a playroom or even a home theater! This will give the room a sense of cohesion. If you would like to incorporate multiple themes like a gym and a theater, you can easily do so by setting up a curtain or partition to divide the space

You don’t need to break the bank in order to have a more efficient, better looking basement. With taking above steps, you can turn your basement into a suitable storage area and usable space for whatever your liking. Dry Pro has basement solutions that can fit any need. Call the experts at Dry Pro for a free, no obligation consultation. Dry Pro services the High Shoals, NC area and the surrounding southeast cities.

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