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Insulated Panels

ExTremeBloc™ Insulated Basement Wall Panels: An Attractive & Energy Efficient Way To Upgrade Your Unfinished Basement Walls

ExtremeBloc Installations

Are you looking for the comfortable feel of a finished basement without going through a complete remodel? If so, we have the ideal solution for your needs!

Our insulated ExTremeBloc™ panels provide insulation, waterproofing, and a finished appearance for basement walls. This patented system is the ideal solution for homeowners interested in a more comfortable, energy-efficient basement. Call us today to get a free estimate in Concord, Charlotte, Gastonia and the nearby areas in North Carolina.

What It Does:

ExTremeBloc™ is a great way to give your basement a finished look — with none of the inconvenience or expense associated with drywall or other basement finishing systems.

Along with greatly improving the appearance of your unfinished basement, ExTremeBloc™ will also benefit your home by adding insulation and creating a heat-reflective vapor barrier on the walls.

Installation Time:

ExTremeBloc™ installs in far less time than a conventional drywall and stud system. Our crew should be able to complete an installation in a basement in one, perhaps two days. Because there are no adhesives, your basement will be ready to use as soon as the crew leaves.

Upgrading Your Basement Walls With ExTremeBloc™ Insulated Panels

ExTremeBloc™ panels are a durable, fully washable solution for your ugly basement walls. With a core of fiberglass insulation and a reflective foil back, they create an energy-saving thermal break between your cold walls and your living space. The surface of ExTremeBloc™ has an attractive vinyl finish and is up to 10 °F warmer than the cold concrete wall behind it.

The foil backing will hold back dampness and humidity that would otherwise pass into your basement space. And because these panels mechanically attach to your basement walls with hidden drilled-in fasteners, you’ll never have to worry about them flaking, peeling, or pulling away.

ExTremeBloc™ is compatible with your basement drainage system and other waterproofing products, and they can tuck easily into the drain below to direct water from the walls to your sump pump. The panels can be easily cut to allow for pipes, windows, and other obstacles, and our attractive trim makes for an excellent finishing touch.

Improve the overall quality of your basement with ExTremeBloc™

ExTremeBloc™ panels are the simplest, easiest way to waterproof your basement walls while creating a bright, attractive space in your basement! If you’re interested in upgrading your basement with this quality system, call us today for a free estimate. We serve throughout Salisbury, Matthews, Cornelius, Statesville, Shelby, Denver, Lenoir, Rock Hill, Huntersville, Kannapolis, Hickory, Indian Trail, Mooresville, Monroe and the nearby areas in Greater Charlotte.

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