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Understanding Wall Shearing: Causes, Solutions, and Importance of Prompt Repair

As a homeowner, you may have noticed cracks or gaps appearing on your walls. These signs of wall shearing can be alarming, and for good reason. These cracks often indicate a deeper issue with your home’s foundation. Understanding what wall shearing is, its causes, and the importance of addressing it promptly is crucial to maintain the stability and value of your property. In this article, we will explore the topic of wall shearing and uncover how Dry Pro Foundation & Crawlspace Specialists can provide professional solutions to address this problem effectively.

What is Wall Shearing?

Wall shearing refers to the horizontal or diagonal cracks that appear on the walls of a building. These cracks can be seen both on the exterior and interior walls and are typically caused by the movement or shifting of the foundation. While small cracks may seem insignificant, they can progressively worsen over time, leading to structural instability and potential damage to your home.

Common Causes of Wall Shearing

Understanding the causes of wall shearing is essential in identifying the underlying issues and determining the appropriate solutions. Here are some common reasons: 

Soil Erosion:

Over time, water, ice, wind, and other natural agents can wear away soil and cause your foundation to shift.

Expansive Soils:

Certain soil types, such as clay, have a high potential for expansion when exposed to moisture. This expansion can put significant pressure on the foundation walls, causing them to shear.

Hydrostatic Pressure:

When water accumulates around the foundation due to poor drainage or improper waterproofing, hydrostatic pressure can build up. This pressure pushes against the walls, resulting in shearing.

Frost Heaves:

In colder climates, freezing and thawing cycles can cause the soil to shift and heave. This movement can exert pressure on the foundation walls, leading to shearing.

Can Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists Repair Wall Shearing?

Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists have extensive experience in addressing wall shearing issues. Our team follows a comprehensive approach to ensure effective repair and prevent further damage to your home.

How We Address Wall Shearing:

Comprehensive Assessment:

Our experts conduct a thorough inspection of your property to identify the underlying causes of wall shearing. This assessment helps us develop a tailored solution to address the specific needs of your foundation.

Reinforcement Measures:

Dry Pro Foundation & Crawlspace Specialists offer various reinforcement measures to stabilize and strengthen your foundation walls. These include:

  • Carbon Fiber Basement Wall Strengthening: Carbon fiber straps are installed on the interior walls, providing additional support and preventing further shearing. 
  • Wall Anchoring Systems: Anchors are strategically placed to stabilize the foundation walls and counteract the external forces causing shearing. 
  • Channel Anchors: These anchors are installed horizontally to reinforce the foundation walls and prevent further movement. 
  • Intellibrace Wall System: This system uses adjustable steel beams to stabilize and straighten foundation walls affected by shearing.

Installing Waterproofing Measures:

To prevent future water-related damage, we also offer waterproofing solutions. Our experts will assess your property’s drainage system and install appropriate measures to redirect water away from the foundation using sump pumps, reducing hydrostatic pressure.

The Importance of Promptly Addressing Wall Shearing

Promptly addressing wall shearing is crucial to prevent further damage and maintain the structural integrity of your home. Ignoring these signs can lead to more severe foundation issues, compromising the safety and value of your property. By seeking professional assistance from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists, you can ensure timely repairs and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Contact Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists for Professional Wall Shearing Solutions

If you have noticed wall shearing in your home, it is essential to consult professionals for an accurate diagnosis and effective solutions. Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists have a team of experienced experts ready to provide comprehensive foundation repair services. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and find the right solution for your wall shearing issues.


Unfortunately, wall shearing is a clear indication of foundation issues, so it’s important to address the underlying problem by repairing the foundation. To avoid further damage, it’s safest to have your home evaluated by a professional.  

When it comes to repairing wall shearing, the duration of the process depends on the severity of the shearing and the chosen repair method. Our team of experts will assess your property and provide you with an estimated timeline. In most cases, our team can complete the repair within a day.  

While it may be tempting to try fixing wall shearing on your own, DIY fixes are not recommended. They often only provide temporary solutions and may not address the underlying foundation issues. Consulting professionals ensures a long-lasting and effective repair. 

The cost of repairing wall shearing can vary depending on factors such as the extent of the damage, the chosen repair method, and other considerations. For a personalized quote based on your specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact DryPro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists. We’ll be happy to assist you.  

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