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Cracked Chimney

A fireplace might be the heart of a home in Charlotte, evoking cozy nights and family gatherings. Yet, a cracked chimney can cast a shadow over these warm memories, signaling potential hazards. Beyond its aesthetic value, a chimney is a crucial structure, and any cracks could compromise its integrity and the safety of your home. 

The experts at Dry Pro Foundation & Crawlspace Specialists know the importance of a safe home. We have been serving the Charlotte, NC metro, ensuring that homeowners can enjoy their fireplaces without worrying about foundation issues. Read on to understand why your chimney might be showing cracks and how we can help address them. 

What Is a Cracked Chimney? 

The term ‘cracked chimney’ might sound self-explanatory. However, it encompasses various problems that might arise in the bricks, mortar, or inner linings. Cracks can appear in different parts of the chimney, be it the crown, body, or even the flue liner. While minor cracks might seem harmless, they can escalate into more significant issues if ignored. 

These cracks not only mar the appearance of your chimney but can also lead to moisture seepage, efficiency loss, and increased fire hazards. Gaps might also develop between the bricks or stones, causing the chimney to lean or even detach from the house. 

What Causes Cracked Chimneys? 

The Charlotte, NC metro area has its unique geographical and climatic challenges, leading to several factors contributing to cracked chimneys: 

  • Soil Instability: Changes in soil moisture content can cause the ground beneath the chimney to shift, leading to cracks. Heavy rains or droughts, typical in some parts of North Carolina, can exacerbate this. 
  • Age of the Chimney: Over time, materials deteriorate. Older chimneys might have been built with materials that aren’t up to today’s standards. 
  • Inadequate Drainage: Water pooling at the base of your chimney can weaken the foundation. 
  • Severe Weather Conditions: Hurricanes, earthquakes, or even regular freeze-thaw cycles can stress the chimney structure. 
  • Poor Construction: In some cases, the initial construction might not have been perfect. An improperly built foundation or inadequate support can lead to cracking over time. 

Can You Fix Chimney Cracks? 

Absolutely! While it might be tempting to patch up visible cracks yourself, it’s a temporary fix at best. At Dry Pro Foundation & Crawlspace Specialists, we believe in addressing the root cause to ensure lasting safety. 

How to Fix a Cracked Chimney 

Inspection and Diagnosis

Our first step is to carry out a comprehensive inspection to identify the extent of the damage. 

Install Foundation Piers 

The best tools to address a damaged chimney are foundation piers that permanently stabilize the chimney and can help lift it back to its original position. This may help close cracks and gaps, but further masonry may be needed afterward. 

Depending on the soil and condition of the chimney, we install either helical piers or push piers deep into the ground until we reach a stable soil layer. Our SettleStop Helical Pier System is ideal for lighter loads, including chimneys. Here’s what the process entails: 

  • Excavation of the soil down to the chimney footer 
  • Using hydraulic equipment to advance the piers into the soil 
  • Monitoring the pressure and depth of installed piers 
  • Advancing the screw-like piers until they reach stable soil or bedrock 
  • Attaching a durable steel bracket to the footing, ensuring load transfer 
  • Installing small rivets in the exterior brick as benchmarks 
  • Backfilling excavated soil 

Regular Maintenance and Monitoring

Fixing the crack is half the battle. Regular inspections ensure that the solution holds, and the chimney remains safe in the long run. 

Why Address the Chimney Issues Now 

Ignoring a cracked chimney isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s a safety issue. Addressing it promptly can: 

  • Avert potential dangers, like a chimney collapse. 
  • Prevent water damage inside your home. 
  • Ensure your fireplace functions efficiently. 
  • Preserve or even boost your property’s value. 

For homeowners in the Charlotte, NC metro, Dry Pro Foundation & Crawlspace Specialists are your go-to for chimney and foundation repair. 

Contact Dry Pro Foundation & Crawlspace Specialists for Comprehensive Solutions 

If you spot cracks in your chimney or if it seems to be leaning, don’t hesitate. Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation inspection and the best solutions tailored to your needs. 

Cracked Chimney FAQs

Cracked chimneys can be the source of several hazards, including leaks leading to water damage and the growth of mold. This condition can also diminish the energy efficiency of your home, resulting in increased utility costs. In the worst-case scenario, the structure might collapse, posing a risk of serious injuries. Moreover, cracks can be entry points for harmful gases such as carbon monoxide to permeate your living space. 

To ward off the development of cracks in your chimney, we recommend a routine of regular maintenance and inspections. Utilizing high-quality materials during the construction phase can be a proactive step towards prevention. Additionally, installing an effective water drainage system can also reduce the risk of water-related damages. When it comes to your foundation, quick action when you first notice cracks can help future cracks from developing.  

To avoid potential issues, we advise scheduling chimney inspections at least annually. A good practice is to undertake this inspection ahead of the winter season to address any concerns before you use the fireplace.  


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