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Concrete Problem Signs

When cracking, flaking, or unlevel concrete plague your North Carolina home, it may be time to call in the experts.

The concrete around your North Carolina home is extremely vulnerable to wear and tear over a long period of time. Sometimes it’s avoidable, and other times you’re at the mercy of mother nature. Here are some common signs that your concrete needs concrete lifting.  

Signs That You Need Concrete Repair ASAP 

Cracks in The Concrete 

Large cracks can visually be one of the most obvious signs of damage, concrete cracks in your sidewalk, patio steps, or anywhere, can be a tripping concern, especially for children and the elderly. There are many ways that cracks form in the concrete around your home, including being weakened by cleaning chemicals, and more commonly, underground soil movement.  

Expansive soils like yellow clay commonly make their home in central North Carolina areas like Charlotte and Hickory. Expansive soils get their name from their extreme reaction to water; when it rains, the soil soaks up the water and expands. In periods of dry weather, the soil shrinks and decreases in volume. This type of soil underneath concrete can make it prone to damage, as the soil below isn’t steadfast in providing support to sustain the weight of concrete.   

Sloping or Unlevel Concrete 

Notably unlevel concrete is also a sign that you need substantial concrete lifting. This can also be caused by expansive clay soils, as soil movement beneath the surface can unevenly exert pressure on the slab above.  

Tree roots are also a common cause for unlevel concrete. As they grow in between concrete slabs, they will exert pressure on your sidewalk, patio or driveway, causing the slab to tilt upward to appease the growing root. Sometimes these roots can be visible on the surface, but other times they can be hidden underneath. An expert can help you determine what’s really going on under the surface.  

Erosion Around The Slabs 

Noticeable erosion around concrete slabs can indicate a lack of soil support beneath your concrete structures. Erosion may even be accompanied by other concrete problem signs as well. When soil is washed out around or underneath your concrete, this can cause stubborn air pockets to form, making concrete around your Charlotte home prone to cracking, pickling, or sloping.  

Pitting or Flaking 

Concrete flaking is just what it sounds like; pieces of concrete drying up and flaking off of the surface. This can occur when the concrete mixture was poorly made, or if external factors like chemical use and extreme weather wears on the concrete over time. Either way, this bumpy exterior is not only unsightly, it can make for a nasty fall should you lose your balance.   

Why PolyRenewalTM Might Be For You 

PolyRenewal Injection for Concrete Repair

PolyRenewalTM is a cleaner and much less invasive treatment option as opposed to traditional methods like mudjacking—also known as “slabjacking.” During a mudjacking repair installation, service technicians will penetrate the concrete, by creating holes the size of soda cans. They then inject a heavy weight mortar-like slurry into the vulnerable spaces beneath your concrete. This serves a similar purpose as polyurethane, which is to fill in the missing gaps and provide support. However over time, mudjacking is not the most long-lasting solution. Since the slurry is made from concrete materials, it can create a new set of problems after a certain period of time when the weight of the solution has caused more sinking or cracking.   

PolyRenewalTM injections are our signature polyurethane foam injections. Experts perforate your concrete with holes the size of a penny, and inject expanding polyurethane foam beneath the surface. This foam, in a matter of 15 minutes, will gently lift your concrete to its original position. It will also dually support your concrete for years to come after the initial inspection; since the solution is so light weight, you can trust that PolyRenewalTM will continue to support your concrete for long after we install it.  

Experts Can Help Rejuvenate Your Concrete  

No matter what level of damage your concrete has sustained over time, our experts are specifically trained to offer the right customized solution for you. Through offering you a free whole-home foundation inspection, we are determined to find the true source of the damage so that we can accurately safeguard your concrete in the future. 

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