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Causes of Concrete Damage

Understanding the causes of concrete damage is important so that you can avoid costly foundation repairs in the future. Typically, damaged concrete means that your foundation is in need of repair.


At Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists, we understand the importance of keeping your concrete in pristine condition. We understand the problem signs that should alert you to problems with the concrete in and around your home. Cracks, unevenness, and overlapping slabs are all signs that your concrete is damaged. Read on to learn more about what is causing problems with the concrete on your property.

Common Causes of Concrete Damage 

When it comes to signs of concrete damage, there is a plethora of symptoms that should let you know there is a problem going on with your home’s concrete. Being aware of these causes of concrete damage is important so you know how to proceed with repairing them.

Sinking Foundation

If your foundation begins to shift, then your concrete is definitely going to crack or deteriorate in certain places. Because much of your foundation is constructed of concrete, when problems like foundation settlement occur, your concrete can become uneven and cracked, even overlapping other concrete slabs if the settlement is particularly damaging. A sinking foundation is not something to take lightly, and any signs you notice should be cause for you to contact a professional concrete lifting company. 

tree roots

Tree Roots

Over time, tree roots can begin to grow and crack or move the concrete around your home. This is especially common if your home is built near trees. Tree roots are somewhat uncontrollable, so when they start to grow so much that they affect your concrete, then you should look into fixing these tree root issues, while also hiring a trusted company like Dry Pro to repair your concrete. 

soil washout and erosion

Soil Washout 

A common reason for concrete lifting, soil washout occurs when water flows underneath concrete, disturbing the soil, and causing it to shift. This phenomenon commonly happens when there is excess rainfall, making certain areas more susceptible than others. As water flows under the concrete, the soil is picked up and shifted under the concrete by the water. This leads your concrete slabs to be uneven and jagged, as they have been moved from their original resting place. 

Don’t Deal With Concrete Damage Anymore. Contact Dry Pro Today!

When it comes to damaged concrete, it is best to fix it when you notice an issue than to just ignore the problem, hoping it’ll go away. Due to the forces listed above, your concrete can become cracked, uneven, or otherwise damaged due to a variety of causes. At Dry Pro, we understand the humid climate and the expansive clay or sandy loam soil of the Charlotte and Hickory areas, so we can provide you with knowledgeable advice and permanent solutions that will best fix your problem. Don’t wait for your concrete problems to worsen, contact us! Our team is ready to help serve you! At Dry Pro, we offer free concrete and foundation inspections at no cost or obligation to you, so you can be certain there is a problem without your concrete.  

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