Do You Have Efflorescence in Your Crawl Space?

Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists can insulate your crawl space floor with Terra Matting, a patented solution for sealing & insulating your crawl space floor.


When our System Design Specialist inspects a home, one thing they look for is standing water or water intrusion in the crawlspace. When water is present it is obviously easy to detect, but if it hasn’t rained recently water may not be present at the time of the inspection. Lucky for us water in your crawlspace leaves behind a little evidence, called efflorescence before it evaporates.

Efflorescence is the minerals in the concrete mortar that dissolved in the rainwater and was left behind after the water evaporated. Efflorescence is easy to detect because it shows as a white chalky powder on the concrete mortar or soil.

If you have standing water or water intrusion in your crawlspace, it can be easily managed with a SafeDriā„¢ Sump Pump or one of our many waterproofing systems. Contact Dry Pro for a free inspection.

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