What is PolyRenewal™?

PolyRenewal™ uses high-density polymer injections to raise concrete back to it's desired level.

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You may have heard of methods like mud jacking and concrete replacement to repair sinking and cracked concrete. But have you heard of PolyRenewal™ ? 

PolyRenewal™ uses the original concept of mud jacking but combines it with new technology, making it lightweight and quick. Rather than using a mix of concrete and mud, it uses high-density Polymers to lift slabs back to the desired level. This is done by drilling holes smaller than a penny in the concrete, and then injecting structural grade polymers into the void. The expansion of the polyurethane in the void allows for a precise lift and stabilization.  

Many people choose PolyRenewal™ because it leaves fewer holes, it’s lightweight, there’s a quick cure time, it’s waterproof, it has high capacity lifting strength, it reduces trip hazards, and it is environmentally friendly. 

To see the many ways you can use PolyRenewal™, read “8 Ways PolyRenewal™ Applies to You.

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