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How A Region’s Climate Can Affect Concrete

Dry Pro explains how the climate of the region can affect the condition of the concrete in and around our homes.


Summer is here and the Carolinas are in for a HOT one. With the likelihood of near to above average rain showers, now is a good time to learn more about how the climate of the region can affect concrete.

  During the summer months, a lot can happen to the concrete in and around our homes. And with an increase of people stepping out and about, concrete issues may potentially feel more prominent – and more annoying. From a sunken sidewalk slab to a cracked concrete driveway, the climate of the region we live in has a direct impact on the soil and, eventually, the concrete that lays on top of it. 

  It is not uncustomary for many regions to experience excessive moisture in the early months of summer. The rain saturates the soil and can soften it, causing concrete slabs to sink. Also, rain and water can diminish the dirt under and around concrete. This erodes the foundation underneath the concrete, encouraging it to crack and drop. 

 Droughts can also dry out the soil around our homes. Once the moisture in the soil evaporates, the dirt withers – or takes up less space – impacting the stability underneath the concrete. Similar to when dirt is washed away, less support can cause the concrete to crack and fall. Although it may only drop a few centimeters/inches, it can significantly impact the safety and quality of life for those who walk on it.  

 While weather patterns may possibly feel like a endless cycle of concrete problems, there are easy and permanent fixes. Dry Pro has helped innumerable  homeowners by lifting their sunken sidewalk slab, repairing their cracked driveway and, ultimately, restored their curb appeal and safety around their home!

 Contact us today for a free inspection. Dry Pro services the Charlotte, NC, area and its surrounding cities.

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