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Crawl Space Problem Signs

If you’re experiencing excess humidity or increased allergy or asthma symptoms, then you may be dealing with a crawl in need of repair or encapsulation.

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Many may not know, but the health of your crawl spaces greatly affects the health of your entire home. Hazards like sagging floors, mold, and wood rot are all crawl space problem signs and can put the structural stability of your crawl space – and, ultimately, home – at risk. If you notice anything wrong with your home’s foundation or crawl space, reach out to a foundation services company like Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists.

Common Crawl Space Problem Signs 

There are various problems that you should be able to notice in your crawl space when it comes to whether or not it is in need of repair or encapsulation. Being aware of these signs can help prevent your crawl space problems from getting worse. 

crawl space humidity and condensation


Due to the very humid climate of the area, your unencapsulated crawl space can become an extremely humid area of your home. This excess humidity will quickly spread through the rest of your home, increasing moisture levels. This increased humidity creates a very uncomfortable living environment in your home. If you notice that your home is uncomfortably humid, contact a professional to check out your crawl space. 

Mold in crawl space on wooden beams closeup


Crawl spaces are dark places that can easily become damp if not encapsulated. This makes your dark, wet crawl space an ideal breeding ground for mold to grow and flourish. Mold is one of the more easily identifiable signs that your crawl space needs encapsulation or repair if it is already encapsulated. Mold spores can spread from your crawl space to the living areas of your home, causing allergy and asthma sufferers to experience heightened symptoms.

rotted wood

Wood Rot and Pests

Wood rot and wood-eating pests inside your crawl space indicate a dire need for encapsulation or repair. Both termites and wood rot eat away at the structure of your crawl space, weakening it and making the space unstable. Rotting wood is easily noticeable by placing a pencil in the suspected rotted area. If it easily sinks through, then you should hire a wood rot remediator or termite pest control. Ensuring your crawl space is free of wood rot, and wood-eating pests is necessary if you want to have a healthy crawl space.

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