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5 Important Steps for Flood Disaster Preparation

Dry Pro shares 5 important steps you should take before flooding occurs in your area. Having a disaster plan in place will help protect your and your family.


With Hurricane Florence and Tropical Storm Michael, the Carolinas have been experiencing torrential rain and flooding. So, what can you and your family do to prepare for flooding from a natural disaster like a hurricane? Below is a 5-step disaster preparedness plan for you and your family to put in place for when you’re experiencing severe weather. 

The picture shows a notebook with disaster plan written inside of it.

1)    Create a plan for where to meet if you need to evacuate your home and that all family members know the address and phone number of the designated meeting spot.

2)    Take photos of your personal belongings and furniture to ensure that you will receive the maximum compensation to replace any items that were lost during a flood; if possible, also move any valuable items to higher ground.

3)    Review your property insurance coverage; if it doesn’t include flood insurance, call NFIP to purchase coverage if you feel it is necessary.

4)    Check your Sump Pump to ensure that it is working properly.

5)    Put together an emergency kit including an NOAA weather radio (if you have one), first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, medication, emergency food, and water, as well as cash and credit cards.

Make sure to listen to your NOAA radio for updates if there is flooding in the area, and be ready to evacuate quickly to your designated meeting spot.

If you would like the experts at Dry Pro to check your sump pump for you, please call them at 1-704-253-4780, so that they can ensure it is working properly before severe weather hits. Dry Pro services the Spencer, NC, area and the surrounding cities. 

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