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What Happens to a Basement Without a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a necessary addition to any basement, especially in Charlotte, NC. Without one, your basement is at risk of flooding and foundation failure caused by water damage. Water in your basement causes problems long after the water is gone thanks to the leftover humidity from the flood.

High Energy Bills

Water in your basement can lead to high energy bills because of the stack effect. The stack effect refers to the way air circulates throughout your home. It all starts in the basement. Warm air is lighter than cool air, and the air in wet basements tends to be warm thanks to the humidity. The warm air rises to the rest of your house and changes the temperature. Your AC then has to work harder to keep things cool, especially during the summer, but doing that raises your energy bills.

A sump pump that is able to effectively drain water out of a foundation is one that can keep the air in the basement cooler. Having a sump pump can save you money in the long run, so it’s a great investment to make if you wish to live in a more energy-efficient home.

Mold and Structural Failure

Water in a basement promotes humidity, which in turn promotes mold growth. Mold is incredibly harmful, especially in your basement.

If there is mold, then there is most likely wood rot as well. When your wooden joists are infected with wood rot, the beam is broken down or softened up by the fungus. Unable to support your floorboards properly, the floor sags and bounces when you step on the affected spot. This and other structural failures can befall your home if you don’t have a proper drainage system.

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