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How to Repair and Prevent Dry Rot in Your Home

Dry Pro shares how to repair and prevent dry rot in your home. Contact the experts at Dry Pro for a free inspection of your basement or Crawl Space.


If you have seen a red brick like dust in your home, then it is more than likely that the culprit is dry rot. It is very common in basements and crawlspaces with groundwater flooding issues. Once detected, the damage can grow increasingly more significant over a short span of time.

This picture shows a close up of dry rot in a home.

Dry Pro recommends taking these steps to repair and prevent the dry rot:

1)   Remove Any Damaged Wood

Any wood that is showing decay or fungus should be removed, in addition to any wood that is within 3 ½ feet of the visible decay and or fungus

2)   Remove Materials Near Damage

Any materials such as paneling, linings or plaster that are around the dry rot areas should be removed, as they can contribute to the damage

3)   Clean Affected Area with Wire Brush

Remove any loose material within 5 feet of the farthest edge of the dry rot areas using a wire brush; this may include metal, piping, and or masonry

4)   Disinfect Affected Area

Use a disinfectant on all wood, masonry, and or exposed soil that is within 5 feet from the dry rot areas

5)   Rebuild Rot-Damaged Wood

Replace any substantially damaged beams, joists and posts with pressure-treated wood

To prevent dry rot in a basement, you must remove any standing water sources, install a plastic vapor barrier on the walls and floors, in addition to a self-draining dehumidifier.

The experts at Dry Pro can help you eliminate dry rot issues at its source by drying out your basement or crawlspace, eliminating flood problems, and sealing out humidity. Dry Pro offers free, no-obligation inspections and estimates in the McAdenville, NC, area and the surrounding cities.

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