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Homeowner’s Guide to Wood Rot

Learn about different types of wood rot and how it affects your home.

The picture shows wet rot damage to wood.
“Wet” or “Soft” Rot 

The type of fungus that breaks wet wood down into cellulose, which significantly weakens and decomposes the wood is shown in the picture above. With wet rot, you are able to tell the severity of the wood damage by the coloring of the wood. Severe damage will appear as a darkening and or shrinking of the wood, having a soggy or spongy-like appearance. Often, it is difficult to determine if the wood needs to be replaced until the location has dried (sometimes mechanically). Once the environment has been brought back to an acceptable moisture level, then the extent of wood replacement needed can be determined versus if installing a sister beam with joist supports like Dry Pro’s IntelliJack™ Support System would be sufficient to restore the stability of the wood structure.

“Dry” or “Brown” Rot

The type of fungus that reduces the wood down into small rectangular pieces on the surface, which also leaves a “red brick dust” of spores as it spreads as shown in the picture above. Dry rot will cause severe structural damage like wet rot, but contrary to popular belief due to its name, the fungus does, in fact, need a significant amount of moisture to grow. Dry rot is most commonly found in vented crawlspaces with humidity issues or basements with groundwater flooding issues. Typically, the best method for preventing dry rot is to create a dry environment. This can be done by waterproofing your crawl space or basement with Dry Pro’s Waterproofing System.

Dry Pro Foundation & Crawlspace Specialists can help eliminate both wet and dry rot problems at the source. Our experts can dry your basement or crawlspace to eliminate flooding problems and seal out moisture; creating an environment that prevents wet rot, mold, and mildew in addition to being less attractive to pests like termites. Contact us here for a free inspection and quote for your basement and or crawlspace, serving the Catawba, NC area and the surrounding cities.

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