6 Problems Related to Inadequate Floor Joists

Learn symptoms of sagging floor joists and girders


Are Your Floor Joists & Girders Sagging? 

A 3D graphic of home with sagging floors.

Floors can be the center of attraction in any home and the use of stylish floor decor may dramatically improve the home’s interior view. Over time, your floor may begin to sag, or appear unleveled or sunken, and the most common symptom for inadequate floor joists & girders in the home are sunken floors.

6 Problems Related to Inadequate Floor Joists & Girders:

  • Sinking & Uneven Floors 
  • Springy Floors Underfoot 
  • Cracks Forming On Interior Drywall 
  • Jamming & Sticking Interior 
  • Moldy Floors 
  • Sinking Crawl Space Or Basement Supports 

In many cases, this situation can quickly be resolved right at home. One of the most common floor solutions is the IntelliJack™ system. This system is designed to permanently stabilize and strengthen the floor joists by addressing the problem beneath the home.

If your home has inadequate floor joists and girders, you may be dealing with a problem that can manifest itself throughout the entire building. Are your seeing signs of common foundation problems? Call Dry Pro today at 1-704-253-4780 for a free virtual inspection on your home!   

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