Growth Mindset Training Day 2019

Dry Pro held its annual training day where team members learned about growth mindset and how to break through barriers.

This picture shows our CEO, Ron, speaking to the Dry Pro team during our annual training day.

The Dry Pro team took a break from our daily routine to have a fun and informative training day centered around the theme, Growth Mindset, on Friday, May 10th. Throughout the training, we learned about embracing a growth mindset as a company to help push us forward. Also, we discussed how we can work through personal and professional challenges that we might be experiencing and how to break through those barriers. 

Afterwards, we had some fun by splitting up into teams and participating in a Big Jenga contest. Thank you to our friends, Brian Mohr and Wilson’s World, for helping us make it a successful day!

Check out the pictures from the training day on our Facebook page here!

Dry Pro has created a family-oriented atmosphere with employees from all over the Charlotte, NC area. If you’re interested in joining our family, visit our Careers page!

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