Mold Prevention in Your Crawl Space

Dry Pro, a local Crawl Space repair expert in Charlotte, explains how you can prevent mold growth in your Crawl Space. Give us a call to inspect your mold today.


What You Should Know as a Homeowner

Mold spores are everywhere and grow when they meet adequate temperature, moisture and organic material.

This picture shows what mold spores from a microscopic point of view.

Black Mold is rare but toxic when it grows underneath your home. The spores host a fungus that produces carcinogenic mycotoxins that are linked to cancer viruses, chronic health conditions and others.

Keep mold outside of your crawlspace

At Dry Pro Foundations and Crawlspace Specialists, we can help you find ways to prevent mold underneath your home with effortless solutions.

The photo here shows mold growing on the floor joists underneath a home.

Mold needs humid and moist conditions to grow and without it, mold can no longer thrive.

How can you as a homeowner prevent it?

Reduce humidity: Dry Pro can install a patented crawlspace dehumidifier that will control the moisture level in your crawlspace effectively.    

Seal out humidity: In addition to a dehumidifier, we can also install a full waterproofing system that will protect your crawlspace from moisture. This includes a vapor barrier, sump pump, and drainage system. Together, the complete system will capture water that seeps through crawl space walls and floor areas, transporting this water to a sump pump for ejecting water to the outside of the home.

It Gets Better!

We offer FREE moisture control quotes to homeowners in the North Carolina area.

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