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Unlevel Steps

It is annoying and unsettling to discover symptoms of cracking and sinking in any concrete surface in or around your home. However, this is amplified when the surface in question is your stairs.

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If you notice that your concrete steps are sagging and looking uneven, then you are likely dealing with unlevel stairs. This can be a tripping hazard, making your home a liability. Your stairs are a valuable part of your foundation, so contact a professional company like Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists.

What Causes Unlevel Concrete 

pooling water

Problems with Waterproofing

Your home’s concrete stairs could be affected if your foundation is not adequately waterproofed in the appropriate sections. In the home, moisture and dampness are notoriously damaging. Frequent basement or crawl space flooding will lead to a rise in humidity, mold, mildew, and wood rot. This could make the steps on your property unequal in several ways. Interior stairs may be impacted by damage to the subfloor and supporting wood joists, whereas foundation issues are more likely to affect exterior or basement steps. 

Stairstep crack on brick wall with tape measure

Foundation Settlement

Once your foundation begins to settle, your steps will shift and crack gradually. House settlement is normal and expected, therefore you will certainly encounter this issue at some point. If the unevenness is caused by a natural event, the steps will stop changing and stabilize at a given point. Additionally, they will break and begin to separate from your property, making them considerably more hazardous than they were if they were simply uneven. Afflicted stairs will also remain in their unlevel places without instability. Therefore, they are relatively easy to fix. 

expansive clay soil

Overly Wet Soil

Due to North Carolina’s humid environment, your soil can rapidly become saturated with water, leading to a variety of issues. When your property’s drainage is inadequate or there is a severe storm, the soil will swell as it absorbs massive volumes of water. Water can seep through your home’s concrete structures, such as the sidewalk, driveway, and pool deck if the soil is saturated. There is also the chance that heavier structures, particularly those constructed on exceptionally wet soil, will begin to sink. This may have repercussions for your property and any outdoor concrete steps.


Yes, you should be concerned if you have noticed that the stairs around your foundation are unlevel. Uneven stairs might result in injuries if a person falls while descending or ascending them. Uneven, unsteady, or broken stairs are hazardous for a multitude of reasons. They can be both an indication that additional issues are on the horizon and are actively harmful to you, your family, and anybody that visits your property. Damaged steps that are slanted, unstable, or uneven are extremely hazardous for pedestrians, especially those with mobility impairments. 

Stairs can become unlevel due to a plethora of reasons. In most cases, the uneven stairs are caused by wider structural issues in your home. However, if the steps are outside, it could be an issue with soil saturation. The problem is most likely caused by the soil beneath the steps if they are outside of your property. Extremely expansive soils, such as clay, can become unstable over time. Their moisture content causes them to shrink and grow. This causes an uneven surface for your stairs to rest on, which will inevitably cause them to become uneven. 

As with most foundation and concrete repairs, we do not recommend that you attempt to repair your uneven stairs on your own. Lifting steps that aren’t level can be difficult because of the multiple causes and complications that can occur simultaneously. If you require stair repair, you should contact a concrete lifting company such as Dry Pro. We employ polyurethane foam injection to elevate and rebuild the concrete structure of your foundation. PolyRenewal™ is a minimally invasive process for raising concrete. The foam is injected into the concrete, where it expands within 15 minutes, lifting and mending the concrete effectively. 

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Dry Pro is acclimated to hot, humid summers and cold, wet winters. Therefore, you can be confident that we are adept at addressing concrete and foundation issues in homes in the Charlotte and Hickory regions of North Carolina. Our experts are also aware of the two most common types of soil in these regions: expansive clay and clay loam, as well as how they impact concrete structures. If you are having problems with your concrete, such as sunken concrete slabs, please contact us. We do no-obligation inspections of your entire home’s foundation that cost nothing to you, so you can be certain that the problem is with your foundation or concrete. 

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