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Cracking & Uneven Pool Deck

It's time to think about concrete lifting if you've observed cracks or unevenness in your pool deck. Here's everything you need to know about concrete pool deck problems.

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Pool decks are places for families to unwind and spend quality time together around their pool. However, if this space’s concrete becomes uneven or fractured as a result of bad soil, it can quickly become a dangerous part of the house. At Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists, we can take on these issues.

What Causes a Cracking, Uneven Pool Deck?

diagram depicting hydrostatic pressure on basement wall

Hydrostatic Pressure

Not a lightweight substance, water can have a significant effect on your foundation and other concrete structures. As the earth around the foundation or concrete absorbs water, it will expand, and the weight of the water will press against the foundation or concrete. We refer to this as hydrostatic pressure. As hydrostatic pressure develops against the foundation or concrete, water will look for any chance to enter your home’s pool deck.  If water permeates the soil beneath your pool deck, hydrostatic pressure will rise and exert force on the concrete. It will cause areas of the pool deck to break and become uneven over time.

soil washout and erosion

Soil Washout

A typical issue for many homes is soil erosion or washout on your home’s concrete pool deck. Several variables can contribute to soil erosion. Erosion can occur if there is a lot of heavy rain or flooding in the area like there is in the Greater Charlotte area, or if the professionals who poured the concrete failed to prepare the soil sufficiently. The greater the erosion of the soil beneath your concrete, the greater the likelihood that the concrete will be uneven. This is a result of the concrete no longer being supported equally on all sides.  

concrete floor crack and shifting

Concrete Shifting

It’s likely that the same factors that cause your home’s foundation to shift can cause shifting and cracking in your pool’s concrete. If you see foundation shifting issues in your home, you must ensure that the concrete surrounding your home is secure and vice versa. The first potential cause of concrete pool deck cracks is among the most severe. Specifically, if you have significant foundation shifting concerns around your home’s foundation, this could also cause shifting in the concrete that surrounds your pool, as the pool is typically located near to the rest of the house. 


There are numerous effects that concrete deck fractures might have on the performance of your pool. Cracks in the pool make it more difficult for people to play in and around the pool. Problems with tripping and falling are a major aspect of this, but settling and rising concrete can also create a hazardous landscape around the pool’s perimeter. Additionally, you or your guests may cut themselves on the sharp edges of cracks. In terms of cost, though, the interior of your pool will suffer the most damage. If the cracks get severe enough, you may also notice problems with the pool’s interior concrete. 

It essentially has to do with the concrete’s weight. If the soil is harmed in any way, it will most likely be unable to sustain the weight of your pool deck, as well as additional structures such as a concrete patio or slab. Pool decks also tend to bear additional weight from people, furniture, screens, and the water in the pool. All of these causes might lead to cracked and uneven areas of your pool deck, especially if the soil underlying it has difficulties. 

We do not encourage using DIY lifting techniques to fix your pool deck. Due to the dense structure of concrete, even the most skilled homeowners risk causing further damage to their pool deck. For one reason, repairing gaps with store-bought products such as grout or sealer typically provides merely a cosmetic remedy. While filling in the cracks in your pool deck’s concrete would make it look nicer, you are not addressing the underlying issue, which is soil difficulties. Professional solutions are required to repair the soil beneath your pool deck and prevent cracks from reappearing in the future. 

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At Dry Pro, we are accustomed to the area’s warm, humid summers and the chilly, damp winters. Therefore, you can have confidence in our ability to resolve concrete and foundation difficulties in Charlotte and Hickory, North Carolina houses. Additionally, our professionals are familiar with the two most typical soil types in these regions: expansive clay and clay loam, and their impact on your property’s concrete. Contact us if you are suffering concrete concerns, such as cracking, uneven pool deck. We do free, no-obligation inspections of the whole foundation of your home, so you can be certain that the problem is with the foundation or concrete structures on your property. 

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