Richfield, NC

Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists are your leading Richfield professionals for repairing wet basements, crawl spaces, & sinking concrete slabs. FREE estimates!

Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists is experienced and skilled in the basement waterproofing techniques in Taylorsville . We are the most trusted home repair company and can adequately offer many solutions. Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists proudly has over 15 years of industry experience, proudly accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Basement Waterproofing Experts in Richfield, NC

If you have a damp, leaky basement with mold, Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists are your experts for an efficient and cost-effective basement waterproofing solution. We offer a full range of permanent solutions for basement repairs. If you have foundation water intrusion in your basement, we can fix it! We’ll inspect your home inside and out and design and install a waterproofing system to meet your needs.

We Offer Solutions Including:

  • Sump pumps
  • Interior drainage systems
  • Wall and floor crack repair
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Gutter downspout extensions
  • Vapor barrier
  • Insulated basement wall panels

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