Work Requests in Statesville

Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Statesville. Learn more about Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists's recent work requests in Statesville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists' recent work requests in Statesville, NC
Vicinity of SKYUKA RD in Statesville
Moldy crawlspace due to improper HVAC installation 13 years ago. We are interested in remediation. ***This is a Free Estimate lead from a user that would prefer to be contacted to schedule their appointment time.***
Vicinity of Rumple Hill Dr Statesville in Statesville
Water seeping in the crawlspace. i need your drain system and plastic sheeting.
Vicinity of Oakhurst Rd in Statesville
Leaky old basement
Vicinity of Georgia Ave in Statesville
There is moisture in crawl space of home. I would like a quote to know how much it will be to correct
Vicinity of Buffalo Shoals Rd in Statesville
I have a house showing cracks on the walls and not levelled properly due to foundation issues. I would like to get someone to take a look at it and provide an estimate and solution options.
Vicinity of Farmwood Dr in Statesville
Selling a house and inspection report states high moisture
Vicinity of E Heart Pine LN in Statesville
We have had forensic engineer come and look at our home and he has stated that we have foundation problems just wanted a second opinion and a quote to fix it.
Vicinity of Eastwood Dr. in Statesville
Bought a house with evidence of water in crawl space and mold on floor joists.
Vicinity of Walnut St in Statesville
Sagging joists. One joist that needs replacing. Severe floor slope. Older home with a mix of old and new footings. Brick and mortar are starting to degrade.
Vicinity of Scott Rd in Statesville
It's muddy and moist and damp
Vicinity of Avalon Street in Statesville
I'm selling a home and the inspection showed moisture issues in the crawlspace that need to be remedied.
Vicinity of in Statesville
Water under the crawlspace
Vicinity of Old Farm Road in Statesville
Moisture in house
Vicinity of Windemere Isle Road in Statesville
Noticed a small amount of water in my basement over the weekend. Appears to be coming from a small crack or opening in the foundation wall.
Vicinity of North Center Street in Statesville
Home built in 1881 has a sagging floor in center of one room that developed within last six months. Upon inspection the crawl space underneath has more moisture in the dirt than rest of home - some dry rot observed in support beams and some cracks noted in three but rest have structural integrity. Need to likely place 2-4 beams adjacent or between cracked beams with support jacks and deal with moisture issue.
Vicinity of Pilgrim Circle in Statesville
Crawl space encapsulation.
Vicinity of Independence Loop in Statesville
Buying a house and inspection found dampness and organic matter in the crawl space. Would like to get an estimate on Drypro services.
Vicinity of Sunset View Lane in Statesville
I have one concrete slab in my driveway that is tilting.
Vicinity of Backcreek Ln in Statesville
We moved to this house in December and have a MAJOR rain water issue against our basement and crawlspace letting water into the Crawlspace. We are in statesville. Thanks
Vicinity of Virginia Ave in Statesville
Purchased home in Aug 2018, and it has a lot of cracks under the windows and over the fireplaces. Cracks along the ceiling. I was told house settling. That's a lot in 7 months. Had home inspected and appraised.
Vicinity of BAss Ln in Statesville
Encapsulating our crawlspace
Vicinity of in Statesville
House is bowing in the middle and cracks in wall
Vicinity of Old Mountain Road in Statesville
Craw space wet
Vicinity of North Mulberry St in Statesville
Drain issues after rain. Crawl space with walk-in area cellar. Water drains through block walls to sump pump. Drains for days after it rains. No idea where water is coming from. Also need to clean up entire crawl space area.
Vicinity of Shalom Pl in Statesville
Need estimate for waterproofing basement.
Vicinity of Wheatridge Drive in Statesville
Moisture/humidity problem in crawlspace causing hardwood floors to cup
Vicinity of Barry Oak Rd in Statesville
I have mold in my crawl space, old insulation falling apart, in need of clean out, mold removal, and restoration of vapor barrier
Vicinity of Park St in Statesville
Have a foundation leak in crawlspace that needs to be sealed.
Vicinity of Horsemans Drive in Statesville
Mold/mildew in basement. Basement has dirt floor.
Vicinity of S Toria Dr in Statesville
Water coming up through concrete basement floor
Vicinity of Fort Valley Court in Statesville
Moisture in the crawlspace.
Vicinity of Fort Valley Court in Statesville
Moisture in the crawlspace.
Vicinity of Barry Oak Rd. in Statesville
We have steel I-beams installed about 10 yrs. ago, after the Hurricane couple of weeks ago It appears that the side wall is bowing further in. I also believe that there weren't enough put in and worried that due to the hydrostatic pressure that the wall could collapse in. I also notice a few spots on our back wall that are starting to bow in. I am concerned that we either need to look a different approach for our basement walls.
Vicinity of Carters Farm Drive in Statesville
Need quote on crawl space, some water present, needs new vapor barrier. Asap
Vicinity of Old Mountain Road in Statesville
Install battery backup sump pump
Vicinity of Ravencrest Drive in Statesville
Garage slab has sunk over the last 5 years. Void outside as well near the side porch.
Vicinity of Sparrow Lane in Statesville
When it rains, water comes in the basement. Has ruined the carpet three times.
Vicinity of Findlay Rd in Statesville
Estimate for insulation in crawl space
Vicinity of Windemere Isle Rd in Statesville
Mold and moisture in crawl space
Vicinity of Westridge Dr in Statesville
I just bought this double wide mobile last year & although the inspection report said 'no mold' I want a 2nd opinion. My preferred contact is via email.
Vicinity of Columbine Drive in Statesville
Pest control found mold and small amount of water in the crawl space and the foundation vents are not providing sufficient air flow.
Vicinity of Morning Dove Ln in Statesville
Void under garage floor. Interested in Mud Jacking.
Vicinity of Ashbrook Road in Statesville
Crawlspace moisture
Vicinity of Church Lake Rd in Statesville
Moisture present
Vicinity of Pratt Lane in Statesville
Crawlspace water
Vicinity of Spring Forest Drive in Statesville
Spot started showing at base of front door trim a few months ago. Called termite people initially. Told me it was not termites. Head scratcher for me personally until I started searching internet. Have concluded it must be dry rot. Have looked for solutions, read about do it yourself kits, etc. Decided to try to find someone who has dealt with. Found you on a Google search and after reading your reviews felt comfortable contact you. I have a picture if that helps
Vicinity of Sullivan Rd in Statesville
Excessive water running into crawl space
Vicinity of Golden Oak Dr in Statesville
Driveway slab skunked, would price of repair
Vicinity of N. BARKLEY RD. in Statesville
Sinking slab, roughly 10x80
Vicinity of Poplar St in Statesville
I am in the due dilligence phase of buying a duplex apartment. Need estimate to insure dry crawlspace.
Vicinity of Brookmeade Dr in Statesville
New home purchase. There is standing water in the crawlspace right at the entrance to the crawlspace. I didn't venture further.
Vicinity of Alexander Knoll Drive in Statesville
Just purchased house, some items came up on home inspection in the crawl space and would like to have someone come out and give an estimate to take care of issues.
Vicinity of Broken Arrow Dr in Statesville
Driveway has settled about 2-3 inches in spots
Vicinity of Roseman Lane in Statesville
Crack on interior wall. Need new insulation under house. Check about mold under house.
Vicinity of Sandtrap Drive in Statesville
Garage, un-level concrete.
Vicinity of Mallory Lane in Statesville
Crawl space Insulation. Pull out old, install new.
Vicinity of Colonial Heights Lane in Statesville
I would like to get a quote for a vapor barrier underneath my house. It's a crawl space
Vicinity of Shalom Place in Statesville
Crawl space is reading high humidity. It has dampness under the plastic.
Vicinity of Larkin Ln in Statesville
Moisture in crawl space
Vicinity of Yadkin Valley Rd in Statesville
High humidity in crawl space, starting to get mold
Vicinity of Lerain Court in Statesville
Vicinity of N Center Street in Statesville
When it rains hard basement gets wet. Have very old clogged floor drain
Vicinity of Innisbrook Rd. in Statesville
Leakage along a previously dry basement wall following recent heavy rains.
Vicinity of N Miller Ave in Statesville
Crawl space- estimate
Vicinity of Oak Haven Dr in Statesville
Had home inspection done and they stated we had fungi growth in the crawlspace.
Vicinity of Colony Rd. in Statesville
I need of Crawl space and basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Old Lion Rd in Statesville
Have a house built in 52 that has a sag in the floor in one of the bedrooms.
Vicinity of Euclid Avenue in Statesville
We know we have foundation damage we have stair step cracks, bricks cracking down the middle and moving out, facia boards pulling away
Vicinity of Houpe Road in Statesville
Sagging floors in some rooms in the 1937 farmhouse we are buying with 10 acres. We had a structural engineer evaluate the property.
Vicinity of E Broad Street in Statesville
Wet cellar basement due to seepage
Vicinity of Glendale Drive in Statesville
Basement water leakage
Vicinity of Robin Lane in Statesville
We are purchasing house at address above with moisture issue in crawl space. Looking for estimate on how much will cost to resolve.
Vicinity of Old Wilkesboro Rd in Statesville
Moisture barrier quote
Vicinity of Heritage Road in Statesville
Having issues with crawl space. Need it cleaned up, insulation and vapor barrier completely replaced. Maybe have mold, but not sure. Really could use a professional to come look at it.
Vicinity of Sportsmans Dr in Statesville
Have moisture under house from air conditioning unit blowing water with air back through vents throughout house. Some floors are sloping inside house.
Vicinity of N Center Street in Statesville
Need to raise concrete slab on back porch. Water is staying against house. Was raised by tree roots at one end.
Vicinity of Amity Hill Road in Statesville
Need vapor barrier, replace some insulation and perhaps ventilation improvements
Vicinity of Bluegill Lane in Statesville
Hanging insulation in my crawl space ! Moisture !
Vicinity of Stoneybrook Rd in Statesville
Please call not Email. Need vapor barrier and insulation replacement.
Vicinity of Camelot Dr in Statesville
We have a fireplace in our basement that allows water to seep through after periods of prolonged or heavy rains. The rest of the basement is waterproof. We are looking for a solution for this one area.
Vicinity of Winding Brook Way in Statesville
Would like to get my crawl space inspected to see if it's functioning the way it should.
Vicinity of Seven Springs Loop in Statesville
Bricks loose and soil erosion along side of the house.
Vicinity of Stone Creek Dr in Statesville
I have a crack in the foundation in my basement. It has moved the block wall out about 1 inch at the top.
Vicinity of Pineville Road in Statesville
Ongoing, long-term water issues causing excess moisture under house/crawl space. Deterioration of wood in some areas. Need to discover CAUSE of water influx and decrease underhouse moisture/repair of deteriorated areas. Very low crawl space on north side. House located in Troutman area. Please contact by e-mail listed above. Thank you.
Vicinity of Chatfield Loop in Statesville
2200 heated squar feet need crawl space insulation
Vicinity of Wilkesboro Highway in Statesville
Just purchased 45 yr old house. 1/2 of 2000sqft basement flooding during rain. About 3 inches. No outside entrance. Level grade around whole perimeter of foundation. Homeowner did not disclose.
Vicinity of Walnut St in Statesville
I am looking to purchase a historical home in Statesville,NC. The home inspection showed that several of the support piers are in need of repair or replacement. I need an estimate to fix the problems.
Vicinity of Laurel Cove Rd in Statesville
Front steps have settled (about 2-3 "@ the top)away from foundation. Happened years ago, but Insurance requires a fix. Would like estimate. Also, crawl space need work.
Vicinity of Swann Crossing Ln in Statesville
Front porch slab has settled and needs to be re-leveled. Would like to have a quote/estimate please.
Vicinity of High Lake Drive in Statesville
I need to get an estimate for filling cracks and repairing water damage on my basement cement wall
Vicinity of Wexford Way in Statesville
I need simple repair / water proofing done to my exterior concrete foundation
Vicinity of Beverly Drive in Statesville
I am looking at a home to purchase and it has a concealed crawlspace that seems to have moisture issues. I would like and estimate from an independent source. Tomorrow, Friday, May 29th would work great for me. Is it possible that you could come out and give me an estimate tomorrow?
Vicinity of S Race Street in Statesville
I would like to have my crawl space encapsulated and insulated. My home was built in 1905.
Vicinity of Camelot Drive in Statesville
Need an estimate for my flooding basement. It is our main living space
Vicinity of Signal Hill Dr in Statesville
Crawl space moisture barrier
Vicinity of Jamie Dr. in Statesville
Please call me as this need is for my recently deceased brothers house in Scotts, NC.
Vicinity of E Broad Street in Statesville
Looking at putting a barrier in our crawl space.
Vicinity of Nursery Lane in Statesville
I know there is a pipe that has been draining in my crawl space. The plumber is coming tomorrow (Monday, November 17th) I really want someone to go and look at the extent of the damage-I think there is mold and I do not want to get sick.
Vicinity of N Mulberry St in Statesville
The corners (cement block) of our basement appear to have some water seepage. The house is on the market and I would like to have an expert look at the situation, recommend a solution and give me a cost estimate. Thanks.
Vicinity of St. Andrews Road in Statesville
I have a crawl space that needs to have a vapor barrier installed and the floor insulation removed. I would like to find out the different options available and costs associated.
Vicinity of Lamberth Ridge Drive in Statesville
Crawlspace dampness and keeping mice and insects out.
Vicinity of Log Cabin Rd in Statesville
I have a 24x24 shop with the foundation cracking in need of repair
Vicinity of Thistle Lane in Statesville
Moisture in crawl space
Vicinity of Nottingham Circle in Statesville
Floor joist concerns. Sagging floor in certain spots. Needs more support and beams sistered. Would like your free estimate only, no hidden Radon test at any charge. If you have no intentions of giving me a "free" estimate don't bother setting up a time. Thank you and have a good day.
Vicinity of N Mulberry St in Statesville
Subfloor needs to be replaces, floor unlevel. previouse owners had termites, and powder post beetles. No activity now but floor is not level and hardwood floors are sagging. You can feel every step someone takes.
Vicinity of E Broad St in Statesville
Wet/damp basement & crawl space whenever it rains
Vicinity of Brookfield Dr. in Statesville
I have a crawl space under my house that stays damp and wet.
Vicinity of Oakhurst Rd in Statesville
Water comes in along one basement wall above floor level near concrete driveway and then runs across floor. This is a service basement. Someone said there was a system that could be out on wall and water could be directed to a drain. We have a sink on that wall and use the drain for the dehumidifier. House was built in 1946.
Vicinity of Jennings Rd in Statesville
There is standing water in the crawl space. Water run off from the back yard is running under the house.
Vicinity of Deer Haven Drive in Statesville
Selling home and need to have moisture issue corrected in crawlspace.
Vicinity of Silhouette Lane in Statesville
I have a half basement and no water is getting inside but I do have water behind the basement wall. If it rains really hard, the musky smell comes up through the vents. There is a problem in the crawl space area. To much water behind the basement wall.
Vicinity of Heartwood Ln in Statesville
Curious about the cost of vapor barriers only. Just need the ground covered.
Vicinity of Dogwood Road in Statesville
Leaking basement, crack in basement walls and basement floor. Doors jam or don't close. I am concerned that our homes foundation is in disrepair and I know that our basement is leaking.
Vicinity of Salisbury Highway in Statesville
I have a building built in the 1950's that has a water infiltration problem along the bottom of the masonry along the basement wall. The outside grade is approx. 10' above the basement floor. My plan is to excavate the earth from the exterior and install a foundation drain placed along the top of concrete footing along with 2'wide x 3' high stone extending to daylight. I also plan some type of waterproofing along this wall.
Vicinity of Oak Creek Rd. in Statesville
I have water getting in the crawl space.
Vicinity of Ridgeview Rd. in Statesville
Moisture, in crawl space and foundation issues.
Vicinity of Sain Road in Statesville
Water running in when it rains hard. Paint is bubbling on 2 walls
Vicinity of Baymount Dr in Statesville
I have water in my crawl space.
Vicinity of W. Imperial Heights Rd in Statesville
Water in crawl space
Vicinity of Cheyenne Lane in Statesville
Mild amount of physical moisture, but insulation is falling, and dampness is evident in my crawl space.
Vicinity of West End Avenue in Statesville
Water flooding basement living area. Need immediate help please. I refer lots of clients to you thru Allen Tate Realtors and hope that will be an advantage for quicker service. Many thanks, Connie
Vicinity of N. Mulberry Street in Statesville
We live in a 3 story, historic home. The basement was refinished more than 20 years ago and we have never had problems until now. The current problem is a leak coming from under the deck (which is above the windows of the basement).
Vicinity of Ridgeview Rd. in Statesville
Crawl space dampness, water leaking under footers one place when raining hard
Vicinity of Springfield Road in Statesville
Leaky basement that was DryLok'd and is now starting to crumble on the inside. Want to discuss options
Vicinity of Sagefield Drive in Statesville
We would like to replace the vapor barrier in our crawl space.
Vicinity of Upper Oak Drive in Statesville
High Humidity 80% in crawl space The phone number above is my work number.
Vicinity of Braxton DR in Statesville
After rain I have standing water under my house and I dont know why. I dont want to have mold or foundation problems from this in the future. The house was built in 2007
Vicinity of Skyland Dr in Statesville
Looking to purchase a home that has some water issues around the foundation.
Vicinity of N Bost Street in Statesville
The basement currently is taking in small amounts of water and there is mold in the basement.
Vicinity of Valley Stream Road in Statesville
My wife and I recently bought the house at the address above. It has a combination finished basement/crawl space. Yesterday after some very heavy thunderstorms came through Statesville I noticed in the crawl space that there was a trickle of water flowing in from outside (the flow was about what you would see coming from a garden hose). I do not believe this is a good thing and wanted someone to take a look at it before it becomes a much bigger problem. Thanks for you time and help.
Vicinity of Bell Farm Rd. in Statesville
Moisture under crawl space, and smeel in house
Vicinity of Sterling Street in Statesville
Started off as a foul smell coming from dirt crawl space. Had someone go down to take a look and they advised that there was standing water although it has not rained in a week.
Vicinity of Canopy Oak Lane in Statesville
A recent insect inspection revealed a moisture issue in my crawlspace. I need a professional to take a look and tell me what they think I need to do.
Vicinity of Clearview Road in Statesville
In having a termite inspection, the company said I had some moisture problems. No termites but moisture. I am in the process of getting 3 inspections. Thank you.
Vicinity of Baymount Dr in Statesville
Some moisture, some ground water getting in crawl space during heavy rain...interested in vapor proofing.
Vicinity of Millbranch Ln in Statesville
Mold in crawl space
Vicinity of Morning Dove LN in Statesville
I have had or crawl space done several yrs ago and I would like to have an inspection and see if I need some repairs Pleaselet know
Vicinity of Fairgate Drive in Statesville
House is about 10 years old, stick built, and built on graded slope, not steep more of a hill type slope. Currently experiencing the house creeking and crackling as if it is settling in certain spots. Floors have become uneven and diagonal cracks are happening internally to the walls/ceiling. Would prefer an inspection and estimate to take place next Tuesday, 07/17, if possible. Thank you.
Vicinity of Baymount Acres Dr in Statesville
My mom has a full-size basement. Some of the walls stay damp. In one room, water comes in. She has her house up for sale and needs basement dry.
Vicinity of Wildwood Loop in Statesville
Occasional partial wet basement in quarter of half basement.
Vicinity of BIG FOREST DR in Statesville
I have some musty smells in the house at times. I went under the house and found some small puddles of standing water. I could not tell where it came from. Also seemed moist under the plastic barrier.
Vicinity of Kingswood Dr in Statesville
I have had one contractor come and look at my crawl space...we are getting water under there and he recommended cleaning the mold and putting in a drain system with pump on the inside of the foundation wall that would pump out water and then covering that with plastic. I am wondering if your system will seal the crawl space from incoming water and do you remove any existing moldy or rotted material? I would like a quote on your repairs
Vicinity of Church St in Statesville
Hello, We live in a home that is about 90 years old. It is in need of quite a bit of repair and we want to start with the foundation. There's holes, long cracks and all sorts of issues. We would like a quote at your earliest convenience. Thank you, Heather Barron
Vicinity of Bost St in Statesville
I now have an older house that has a Sump Pump in basement area. There looks to be a 3'X3' area under the concrete dug out and I think the pump is suppost to set down in the bottom of the pit. The pump actually is suspended down just below the hole in the concrete leaving 3' below the pump to fill up with water before pump can be activated. would like to speak to someone about my situation if possible.
Vicinity of S. Chipley Ford Rd. in Statesville
Would like to schedule appointment for inspection and quote on crawl space. Thanks.
Vicinity of Cattlemans Road in Statesville
I am looking for a free estimate for my crawlspace area to install a moisture barrier. Approximate 1400 sq. ft. home
Vicinity of River Run Road in Statesville
Inspection/estimate. Uneven floors, significant floor creaking.
Vicinity of Midway Rd. in Statesville
My crawl space entry door is 26in high X 38in wide and the bottom is 6in below grade.Do you have a model to fit this application?
Vicinity of N. Mulberry in Statesville
Water seeping at base of foundation, getting carpet wet is spots. Pulled paneling off wall and noticed foundation crumpling at the bottom, with black areas (mold?.
Vicinity of Ridgeway Ave in Statesville
My basement leaks on two walls - not bad. The walls are concrete block. Seapage when it rains heavily for a couple of days. I was getting ready to go to a metal shop to have them bend me some aluminum in an "L" shape to use as a perimeter barrier to channel the water to a floor drain in the front corner of my basement. I was going to drill holes in the base of the block to facilitate drainage. However, I just found the DryPak system on the internet. I am intersted in purchasing approx 150' of the DryPak Channel material only. Can you sell it to me? I am not interested in a free estimate to install the product or the sump pump since I do not need that. If you can sell the DryTrak product only, please call me. If would drive to your location to pick the material up. If not, just email me your reply. Thank you for your consideration.
Vicinity of Eastway Drive in Statesville
We recently noticed cracks in wall sheetrock, and separation of crown molding from the walls in several areas of the house.
Vicinity of Club Drive in Statesville
It is smaller than most crawl spaces. Every time it rains my crawl space floods and have to pump water out. The air handler is in my crawl space which is another issue with the water getting in the air handler when it floods. I just need to know what to do to keep it from flooding
Vicinity of Wallace Springs Rd in Statesville
I have a crawl space with standing water. The water seems to be seeping up from underground rather than it being due to poor drainage. My home is almost 12 years old.
Vicinity of E Edison in Statesville
Our basement has a sump pump but in the other corner there's lots of humidity. We would like to know about any other possible solutions for the humidity. please and thank you.
Vicinity of Windforest Drive in Statesville
We have a crawl space, that we would like looked at and so on. We just bought the house and would like to know if we need anything repaired.
Vicinity of Dillon Dr in Statesville
I have painted the inside with oil based waterproofing paint and thought I had the problem fixed. With all the rain in the last two days I find several inches of water in the space. It is a full basement.
Vicinity of Carolina Ave N in Statesville
Our basement is approximately 1700 sq ft and after a lot of rain leaks. This room is used for sewing machines and a lot of fabric and we need something to keep it dry. Our h/ac unit has a humidity control to 35% connected to it, but it doesn't stop the water. LOL
Vicinity of Lewis Ferry Rd. in Statesville
The house is on a slope, so the crawl space varies from 1.5 feet at the front to +- 6 ft in back. Earth crawl space.
Vicinity of Silhouette Lane in Statesville
I have one corner(outside wall to the yard)that leaks. I have a half basement and the leak is on the wall going out to the yard?? When it rains hard, the water is coming out of the bottom of the electrical box. I have conduit running down the block wall. I have to place a plastic tub up under the outlet to catch the water???? I have ask several people about what could be the problem but no one has a clue on this one.
Vicinity of Winding Cedar Dr in Statesville
1 year old house with rather large crawl space that holds some water. Hardwood floors starting to bow and seperate in the house. Possibly from the moisture content of the crawl space.
Vicinity of E. Broad Street in Statesville
I have a listing that needs an inspection and very possibly the crawl space done - Please contact me soon - Thank you very much - Destiny
Vicinity of Baymount Dr in Statesville
Ground is damp and musty with pooling under the ductwork.

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