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What Should You Expect from Your Waterproofing System During Severe Weather?

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With Tropical Storm Michael in our midst, you might experience heavy rain and possible flooding. If you have one of our waterproofing systems installed in your basement or crawlspace, here are some tips that you should follow to ensure that your system is functioning properly during the severe weather.

  • If you hear an alarm from your sump pump system and still have power – check your breaker. If the breaker has tripped, switch the breaker off, wait 5 seconds, and then switch the breaker back on. This will reset the system and your pump will begin working again.
  • If you hear an alarm and have lost power – this indicates that your pump’s canister is filling with water. To shut this alarm off, remove the alarm from the lid of your pump system. If your pump is in a crawlspace, please make sure to shut off the breaker that is connected to the pump. Once you’re out of the crawlspace, you can switch the breaker back on. When your power is restored, the pump will automatically begin working again.
  • If you have a battery backup system, and you hear an alarm – this only indicates that the battery backup is activated. Following the earlier steps, check your breaker to make sure it is on, and if it is not, switch the breaker off, wait for 5 seconds, then switch it back on. If you have total power loss in your home, the alarm on the battery backup system will shut off once the pump has removed enough water to deactivate the alarm.

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