Structural Repair in Catawba, SC

Structural Repair in Catawba, SC. A Foundation Repair Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



John, a previous Dry Pro waterproofing customer, called us again to repair his home’s structure. He noticed cracks in the interior of the home and was looking to have the problem solved. After John’s call, Mark with Dry Pro went out to inspect Johns property and talk to him about his concerns. During Mark’s inspection, he found sagging floors throughout the home. He designed a system with each area of the home in mind.



Once John agreed to Mark’s proposal our Structural Crew came out to begin the repair. They started by installing one IntelliJack™ over poured footing at the corner of the master bedroom and bathroom and another at the corner of the master closet. They replaced an existing girder under the center wall between the kitchen and dining room.  They sistered the existing joist and installed a metal drop girder over two IntelliJacks™. They also replaced the girder over the laundry room and kitchen wall and shimmed the pier under the closet door. Finally, they installed two IntelliJacks™ over poured footings with a metal drop girder extending from the front to the back of the home on the right side.

John was once again very satisfied with the work our crew performed on his home.

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