Sagging Floors and Cracked Drywall in Matthews, NC

Sagging Floors and Cracked Drywall in Matthews, NC. A Foundation Repair Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Richard, a homeowner in Matthews, NC, was interested in having his bathrooms remodeled but noticed that his floors were sagging and drywall cracking. Richard needed to fix this problem before moving forward with his bathroom, so he began searching for contractors in the area. 


Waterproofing specialists at Dry Pro assessed the problem by eliminating the home’s foundational issues step by step. First, our team completed a debris removal and mold remediation caused by moisture in the crawlspace. Then, our team removed and replaced the sagging insulation. Next, the crawlspace was fully encapsulated with a 10-mil WallSeal™ wall liner to avoid further water damage. Lastly, a dehumidifier was installed to regulate the air and prevent high levels of humidity. 

Once Dry Pro successfully waterproofed Richard’s crawlspace, our foundation specialists came out to install 7 IntelliJacks™ to help support the foundation of the home by screwing steel piers into high density stratum to help stabilize the foundation. Next, 5 wood sister joists were installed to help assist the sagging floors in the home, and lastly, the crew installed 200 square feet of subfloor replacement in the bathrooms! 

Upon completion, Richard was overjoyed with the work done by Dry Pro and could now have a peace of mind knowing his property was protected! 

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