IntelliJack Installation in Cramerton, North Carolina

IntelliJack Installation in Cramerton, North Carolina. A Floor Joist Repair Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Jeff was informed that his crawl space suffered from termite damage and contacted Dry Pro for a free inspection in hope that his crawl space could be saved. Kurtis, our design specialist, inspected the property and discussed his findings with Jeff. Kurtis explained that the floor joists and girders under the home needed to be replaced to prevent further structural damage. He also informed the homeowner that mold growth was found and that he would need a mold remediation. Jeff agreed and the two worked together to outline the perfect system for his crawl space. 


Dry Pro started the project with a thorough mold remediation. Next, our structural repair crew installed 7 IntelliJack™ piers, sistered 35 joists, and replaced 70ft of girder to provide outstanding support for the home. 

Jeff was so pleased with our crew and their hard work. Thanks to Dry Pro, Jeff no longer had to worry about the structural condition of his home for many years to come! 

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