Additional Structure Pulls Away From Original Home in Concord, NC

Additional Structure Pulls Away From Original Home in Concord, NC. A Foundation Repair Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



A homeowner faced major foundation issues with his home built in 1985 and addition constructed in 2009. This 35-year-old structure was situated on a hill that sloped sharply down to a wet, marshy area behind the home.  In time, soil beneath the foundation of the home’s 2009 addition eroded, washing downhill and causing the foundation to pull away from the original structure. The result was a 1.6 inch gap in the wall of the home.


Dry Pro assessed the problem and recommended an ideal Helical Pier installation that would successfully lift and stabilize the settled foundation. Foundation specialists at Dry Pro identified ten locations along the perimeter of the addition’s foundation and installed piers that were saw-cut and patched 3’x3’. A total of ten Helical Piers were positioned around the home’s addition to provide ample support and prevent future settlement. 

Dry Pro’s proposal to utilize the Helical Pier system worked efficiently and the foundation was permanently lifted along the surrounding piers.

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