5 Signs of Sagging Floors in Your Home


Sagging floors are a serious threat to your home and its foundation. When your floors begin to sag or become unleveled, the foundation on which your home was built becomes compromised. But, do you know the signs to watch out for if your floors are starting to sag?

  1. Weakened Floor Joists – moisture, mold and or wood rot on the floor joists in your home’s crawlspace
  2. Sloping Floors – gaps between the floor and your home’s interior walls
  3. Column settlement – existing columns in your home’s crawlspace appear to be sinking or settling; creating a gap between the top of the column and the bottom of the girder it is supporting
  4. Cracked Interior Walls – cracking of your home’s interior walls, particularly around door frames
  5. Unleveled door frames – doors are sticking easily to the floor or the door needs to be planed (shave excess wood) in order to close properly

The best way to provide your home with the support it needs is to find a permanent solution that addresses the true cause of your foundation or crawlspace issue. Contact Dry Pro here to schedule a free inspection of your home. Dry Pro services the Mineral Springs, NC area and the surrounding cities.

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