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3 Common Foundation Issues to Look Out for With Your Home

Dry Pro shares the 3 common foundation issues you should look out for with your home.


Yes, maintaining the curb appeal of your home with all the gardening and decor is important, but you cannot forget about the actual structure of your home. Your home’s foundation supports the entire home from the walls to the roof but is often overlooked.

With the chaos of everyday life, it can be difficult to find the time to check around your home for signs of foundation issues; however, these signs need to be found early on in order to prevent any damage from worsening and potentially compromising the value and well-being of your home.

Below are 3 common issues that you should look out for with your home’s foundation: 

The picture shows foundation walls beginning to bow.

1. Foundation Walls Are Bowing — Foundation walls bow when the force against the walls exceeds their ability to withstand pressure; an indicator of this is your wall starting to crack.

2. Foundation is Settling — A foundation settles when the soil underneath of a foundation is unable to support the weight of the structure that rests on them; indicators of this includes foundation wall cracking, drywall cracking, windows and doors out of square, and or chimney tilting.

3. Sinking Floors — Floors sink when there are too few supports, the supports being to sink into the ground, or when the structural wood that is holding up the floor begins to rot or have mold growth; indicators of this include your drywall cracking, your floors becoming uneven and/or even a musty odor from possible mold growth. 

If you find any of the above issues with your foundation, please reach out to us at Dry Pro. Our team of certified foundation experts will help you solve your foundation problem. Contact us for a free inspection, consultation, and written quote. We service the Spindale, NC, area and the surrounding cities. 

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