Your Crawl Space is Causing Problems in Your Home

A damp or wet Crawl Space can create more problems for your home than you'd expect. Contact Dry Pro for a free Crawl Space evaluation.


Since air rises, the humidity from your crawlspace flows into your home. This humidity from your damp or wet crawlspace can create more problems than you would expect. Below are just a few of these problems: 

  • Dust Mites ( the number one indoor allergen)
  • Sticking/ swollen doors and windows
  • Smelly damp carpet 
  • Buckling hardwood floors 
  • Condensation, rotting or mold in your attic 
  • Frost, condensation, or mold inside of windows during
    cooler months 
  • increased energy bills from cooling and heating your home 
  • Mold forming 
  • Decreased life of roof, sheathing or shingles 
  • Decreased life of exterior paint 
  • Aggravated asthma and allergens 

If any of these problems are at all concerning to you, contact Dry Pro for a free evaluation.

To read more about the air exchange in your home read,
“The Stack Effect in Your Home.

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