Waterproofed Crawl Space in Albemarle, North Carolina

Waterproofed Crawl Space in Albemarle, North Carolina. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Matt, a homeowner in Albemarle, North Carolina, wrote to Dry Pro, “I hate my crawlspace,” after self-inspecting it. The homeowner explained that the insulation had fallen, and during the winter, his floors felt extremely cold. Due to damaged insulation and a poorly conditioned crawlspace, Matt has also experienced high cost in his energy bills.


Dry Pro assessed the problem and scheduled an installation date for our waterproofing experts to come out to the home. Brandon, Stephanie, Jermelle, and Ryan arrived and immediately got to work. First, the crew did a complete mold clean out and removed all the sagging insulation. Then, a Pump drainage system was installed along with drainage matting to prevent flooding from heavy rain. Next, our crew wrapped the interior walls of the crawlspace with our CrawlSeal™ liner and replaced new insulation to maintain appropriate floor temperatures in the home. Lastly, a Dry Pro dehumidifer was installed to regulate the air and keep the space dry.  

After the project was complete, Matt’s crawlspace was encapsulated, clean and healthy. The homeowner was now at peace knowing that Dry Pro resolved all his home concerns by reconditioning his crawlspace with long-lasting preventatives. 

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