Subfloor Repair in Bessemer City, NC

Subfloor Repair in Bessemer City, NC. A Mold Issues Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Ken contacted Dry Pro concerned with the sagging floors in his home. He said that the floors rise and fall with the temperature outside and some of the doors will hardly shut. System Design Specialist Walter went out and inspected the home. During Walter’s inspection, he saw that the subfloor in the kitchen was completely rotted, and the living room floor was uneven due to rotted ledgers. He also found a lot of mold in the crawl space as well as some water intrusion.  

After Walter’s inspection he sat down with Ken to discuss his findings and design a structural and waterproofing system to meet all of Ken’s needs. 


Our Mold Crew was the first crew to arrive on site. They remediated the mold and removed all of the damaged insulation. Next, our Structural/Wood Crew came out for their repairs. The crew reframed the the kitchen subfloor. They replaced the floor joists under the living room added a W4 Steel Beam, and piers to permanently support the floor. The crew also installed 6 IntelliJacks™, three 2×8 Bands, and one 2×8 Sister  throughout the crawl space. 

Once the Wood Crew finished their repairs the Waterproofing crew went out and installed 10mil CrawlSeal Light Encapsulation with ExtremeBloc™ walls, a relative humidity monitor, DryPro Dehumidifier, condensate pump, SafeDri™ Pump, Exit Line, French Drains, Exit Line and YardWell™ Outlet. 

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