Structural Repair and Humidity Control in McConnells, SC

Structural Repair and Humidity Control in McConnells, SC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Tara contacted Dry Pro after her home inspection report showed wood rot and high moisture in the crawlspace. System Design Specialist Rich went out to inspect her crawlspace. During Rich’s inspection, he noticed saw several structural issues along with the mold and humidity problems. He said the interior of the home was remodeled without any regard to the home’s original framing. 

The den of the home had settled toward the main girder under the fireplace. This area also contained a lot of wood rot and heavy fungal growth. The rotten joists needed sistering. The main 2×12 girder needed additional ply with Turlock screws to bind the plys together. The stairs needed additional support. The right front band seal had rotted from water infiltration from the exterior. There was also a clear need to control the moisture and humidity levels in the crawlspace


Once Tara and the sellers of the home agreed to Rich’s proposal, the Dry Pro Crews came out to begin the repairs. First, the mold was remediated from the crawlspace, next our wood crew came in and installed eight total IntelliJacks™, 16 2×10 bands, 15 2×10 sisters, and two 20ft W8 Steel Beams. Once the structural repairs were complete the waterproofing crew installed 10mil CrawlSeal™ vapor barrier, a relative humidity monitor, DryPro dehumidifier with exhaust kit. a SafeDri™ pump with drain system, exit line, french drains and a YardWell™ Outlet. 

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