Soil Erosion in BlackStock, South Carolina

Soil Erosion in BlackStock, South Carolina. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Howard faced severe foundation issues with his home that was built in 1972. New construction around the property brought in many yards of sand, and as a result, Howard noticed soil erosion beneath the slabs of his storage unit and driveway. This had caused sunken concrete and visible cracks. Since then, Dan has experienced water intrusion in his crawlspace and suspected that the water was entering through the cracks of his driveway. Howard desired immediate professional help, so he contacted Dry Pro for a free consultation. 

Dan at Dry Pro confirmed Howard’s suspicions and agreed that water was entering from the cracks due to soil erosion, but he also discovered groundwater wicking through the mortar and brick of the crawlspace. Dan suggested our drainage systems along with our permanent concrete solutions to prevent further damages. Howard trusted Dry Pro to get the job done and moved forward in our repair process.


First, our concrete specialists arrived at the property and assisted Howard’s concrete slabs. Dry Pro lifted and stabilized the eroded area by injecting PolyRenewal™ beneath the surface. Once concrete slabs were leveled, Dry Pro sealed all the cracks and joints.

Then, our waterproofing team arrived at the home and assisted the crawlspace by removing the existing vapor barrier and installed a Pipe & Gravel French Drain system, a Gravity Exit,  along with a YardWell™ Outlet and Discharge Exitline. 

Once the job was completed, Dry Pro ensured Howard that he would no longer need to worry about the condition of his home. His driveway was permanently lifted/sealed and his crawlspace maintained a sufficient drainage system that would prevent further water intrusion.

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