Self Installed Drainage System in Crawl Space in Charlotte, NC

Self Installed Drainage System in Crawl Space in Charlotte, NC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Ronnie is a homeowner in Charlotte, North Carolina who recently installed a french drainage system in his crawlspace. Over time, he realized that the installation had begun to function improperly, so he contacted Dry Pro for a free consultation! Kevin, our design specialist, arrived at the home and thoroughly examined his crawlspace. Kevin confirmed that the drainage system had been damaged, which had also caused an excessive amount of water into the space. He explained to Ronnie that Dry Pro could fix the problem and get his drainage working in the best condition. Ronnie agreed to move forward in the repair process and prepared for our waterproofing team to arrive.


Our waterproofing teams arrived at the home and immediately started the project. First, Adan, Chinno, and Chandler completed an amazing mold wipe down. Then, they sealed all the vents located in the crawlspace, laid down drainage matting to improve the drainage system and enhance the durability of a liner. Next, the crew installed a 10mil CrawlSeal™ liner against the interior walls, and wrapped the CMU Piers securely. Lastly, they installed a Dry Pro dehumidifier with a condensation pump drain line. 

Thanks to Dry Pro, Ronnie’s drainage system was up and running properly again. With a superb repair and a few additions, his crawlspace was expected to transition into a much healthier environment. Ronnie was pleased with his results and couldn’t be any happier to choose Dry Pro!

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