Moldy Sagging Floor Joists Repair in Rock Hill, SC

Moldy Sagging Floor Joists Repair in Rock Hill, SC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Carla, homeowner of Rock Hill, SC, contacted Dry Pro concerned that her home was experiencing structural issues that may have reflected on the appearance of her walls and floors. The home was built in 1973 and she was interested in hiring a nearby contractor that could inspect her property for her. JJ with Dry Pro went out to inspect Carla’s home. During the inspection, JJ noticed that floors were uneven and had caused the tile to crack. He went into the crawl space and noticed the beams and floor joists were sagging, also noticed moisture entering into the crawl space which caused mold growth on the floor joists. JJ discussed his findings with Carla and designed a perfect system for her home. 


Sam, JC, and Dewey from the waterproofing crew began the repair by cleaning all the mold growth in the crawl space. Then, they sealed all existing vents and installed 2 dehumidifiers. Next, they installed a Sump Pump drainage system and CrawlSeal™ 20mil vapor barrier. 

Once our waterproofing team completed their installations, our wood repair crew came out and installed 6 SmartJacks! Then, they replaced 27ft of girders and installed 11 sister joists.  

Carla was happy with the repairs that were made. With a permanent support system built by Dry Pro, Carla could now have a peace of mind knowing that her home is protected.

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