Moldy Crawl Space in Charlotte, North Carolina

Moldy Crawl Space in Charlotte, North Carolina. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Reece, homeowner of Charlotte, North Carolina, has a 2800sqft crawlspace with very high moisture. He was concerned about the condition of his crawlspace and contacted Dry Pro for a free homeowner’s inspection. JJ, our Design Specialist, went out to the property to evaluate the problem. As JJ walked Reece through the inspection, he discovered mold and high moisture from water intrusion. He also noticed that the duck work in the crawlspace had condensation. JJ informed Reece that his crawlspace was suffering from heavy rains and suggested our CleanSpace encapsulation package. After much thought, Reece agreed to do business with Dry Pro. 


Dry Pro’s waterproofing experts completed a successful mold remediation leaving the crawlspace spotless. Then, they fully encapsulated the crawlspace by running a 20mil CrawlSeal™ liner along the interior walls and laying down a drainage matting to protect the floors. Next, they installed a pump to promote a healthy water flow that ensured flood prevention. Lastly, Dry Pro installed a Dehumidifier to remove humidity and improve the indoor air quality. 

Reece was extremely pleased with Dry Pro’s undeniable dedication and hard work. His crawlspace was finally in great condition; ready to fight against water, mold, and moisture, and this gave him a peace of mind. 

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