Mold Remediation and Prevention in Midland, NC

Mold Remediation and Prevention in Midland, NC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



The Hunter family contacted Dry Pro after their heating company found a small amount of mold in their crawlspace. They didn’t want to play around with mold and decided to take care of the humidity issue before it became an even bigger problem. 

Dry Pro’s System Design Specialist, Rich, went out to inspect the home and walked the Hunter family through our repair process. During Rich’s inspection, he found damaged insulation and high humidity levels in the dirt crawlspace. After the inspection, he designed a system to eliminate any further mold from forming in the crawlspace. 


The Dry Pro Crew started this job by removing all debris and insulation from the crawlspace. Next, they encapsulated the crawlspace by laying 10mil CrawlSeal™ Encapsulation throughout the crawlspace with a small amount of 20 mil CrawlSeal™ by the door of the crawlspace. They wrapped all the piers with CrawlSeal™, sealed the vents and taped all the seams. They also installed a new foam. Once the crew completely separated the earth from the crawlspace, they had to condition the air inside the crawlspace by adding a dehumidifier. They also installed a Relative Humidity Monitor, so that the Hunter family could always know the humidity level in the crawlspace and can call us if any problems occur.  

The Hunter Family was very pleased with their new, clean and encapsulated crawlspace. 

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