Mold Found in Crawl Space in Mount Holly, NC

Mold Found in Crawl Space in Mount Holly, NC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



A homeowner in Mount Holly, North Carolina contacted Dry Pro after a flood incident occurred in her bathroom due to her toilet needing repairs. In addition to the toilet repair, Anne, the homeowner, was advised to call a contractor that could resolve a mold issue that was also caused by the flooding. Dry Pro was thrilled to help! 

Daniel, our design specialist, arrived at the home to take a look at the affected area. There appeared to be an abnormal amount of moisture living in the crawlspace. He explained that the toilet’s piping led to her crawlspace which explained the mold exposure, but Anne’s toilet was only one of many issues. Daniel discussed his findings with Anne and ensured her that Dry Pro’s crawlspace specialists could save her home. Already impressed with how well the inspection went, Anne did not hesitate to move along in the repair process. 


Dewey, Austin, and Hunter, our waterproofing experts, arrived at the home and began a complete mold wipe down and removed all insulation. Next, they dug and installed a drainage system to control the flow of water and prevent further water damage. By doing so, they dug and installed a Sump Pump and Exit line. Then, they secured all entries and airways by sealing the vents in the crawlspace to prevent unexpected water intrusion and pests! Lastly, the team installed a 20mil CrawlSeal™ to fully encapsulate the interior walls and placed a Dehumidifier to regulate the air. 

Once the project was completed, Anne was pleased with the condition of her crawlspace. She could now be at peace knowing her home would be fully protected. 

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