Mold and Humidity Control in Woodleaf, NC

Mold and Humidity Control in Woodleaf, NC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Samual was having a huge mold problem in his crawlspace. He would clean it time after time, but it would always return. He called Dry Pro ready to turn the problem over to the pros. Nick with Dry Pro went out to inspect Samual’s home and walk him through our repair process. During his inspection, he found high humidity levels, mold, and condensation. After his inspection, Nick went over his findings with Samual and designed a system that would meet all of Samual’s needs. 


Once Samual agreed to Nick’s proposal, Adan and Chino from our waterproofing crew installed a 10mil CrawlSeal™ Vapor Barrier, sealed the crawlspace door and taped all seams. After, they installed a DryPro Dehumidifier with condensate pump and relative humidity monitor.  

The combination of the CrawlSeal™ Vapor Barrier and DryPro Dehumidifier will ensure the moisture and humidity levels in the crawlspace stay down. This will ensure mold does not form in the crawlspace. 

Samual was very satisfied with the Dry Pro Team and the work performed on his home. 

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