Moisture Underneath House Addition in Albemarle, NC

Moisture Underneath House Addition in Albemarle, NC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Samantha, homeowner of Albemarle, has battled with prevalent water puddles underneath the addition of her home. Branden, our team expert, went out to inspect the problem and to design a solution that would save Samantha’s home. During the inspection, Branden discovered standing water in the crawlspace of the original home and the addition! He also noticed mold growth and high humidity. Branden explained the problem to Samantha and suggested our drainage system, encapsulation options and mold remediation process. Caught by surprise, Samantha agreed to move forward in Dry Pro’s repair process!


First, Dry Pro remediated the mold growth throughout the space. Next, Dry Pro installed a Pipe & Gravel french drain system to direct the surface of water away from specific areas. Then, we installed a Sump Pump and Water Watch alarm system, along with a discharge exit line and landscape outlet. Lastly, a 10 mil Vapor Barrier was in installed to manipulate the migration of water vapor. Once the job was complete, Samantha was so pleased with the work and couldn’t be any happier with Dry Pro’s performance! She now had a peace of mind knowing that her home utilized reliable water preventatives!

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