Moisture Control in Maiden, NC

Moisture Control in Maiden, NC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Terminix was visiting Carla’s home in Maiden, NC when they informed her of the moisture problem in her crawlspace. Terminix quoted her for the repair, but Carla wanted a second opinion. She called Dry Pro looking for a full crawlspace evaluation. System Design Specialist Jeramey, went out to inspect her property and walk her through our repair process. During Jeramey’s inspection, he found high humidity levels and evidence of moisture in the crawlspace. He also saw that the crawlspace floor was not fully covered with a vapor barrier and there was little subfloor insulation. 

After Jeramey’s inspection, he proposed solutions to manage the water in the crawlspace, control the humidity and add insulation. Carla was very pleased with Jerameys presentation and agreed to use Dry Pro for the repair. 


Dry Pro Crew Juan Travis and Antonio began the repair by installing the subfloor insulation and cleaning out the crawlspace. Next, they installed a French Drain System and SaniDri™ sump pump with exit line and bubble pot to eliminate water from the crawlspace. After, they wrapped the columns and installed 10mil WallSeal™ on the walls and floor of the crawlspace. They also installed a Dehumidifier and Relative Humidity Monitor to control and the humidity in the crawlspace and let Carla and her family monitor the humidity levels. 

Carla was very pleased with our Juan and his crew and the work performed on her crawlspace. 

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