Foundation, Wood & Waterproofing Repair in Charlotte, NC

Foundation, Wood & Waterproofing Repair in Charlotte, NC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Tim, property owner in Charlotte, NC, was experiencing foundation settlement on his property. Over time, Tim realized that the building’s condition was affected by it’s foundational issues and decided to contact Dry Pro for a solution! Walter with Dry Pro arrived at the home and suggested our Helical Pier system. He also discovered mold growth, moisture and humidity in the crawlspace of the building which had caused wood rot. He ensured Tim that Dry Pro could get the job done and confirmed Tim’s installation date. 


The Dry Pro team arrived at the home and immediately performed a complete mold wipe down. Then, 8 Helical Piers were installed to give the building ample support and restoration. Next, Dry Pro assisted the wood rot by removing all insulation, installing an interior wood rim with intersecting joists, along with an IntelliJackā„¢ system to help stabilize the weakened floor joists. Lastly, Dry Pro replaced new insulation and installed a 10mil Vapor Barrier to prevent moisture. Once the job was complete, Tim was ecstatic with the results. He could now be at peace knowing that he will no longer experience foundation and water issues!

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